Hi there!

First of, thank you for dropping by my humble blog. 

The name is Serah. I love to shop just like any other girls out there but I always hunt for stuffs that are affordable within a student's 'income'. I have sensitive skin due to eczema. Whenever I manage to get products that would work for me, I will be so thrilled!

This blog is where I share my experiences and thoughts. I hope that my blog would be informative and helpful to those who are reading. 

Why I named my blog as Vivir Y Amar La Vida?
Vivir Y Amar La Vida means Live and Love Life in Spanish. 

As a child, I have often been fascinated with languages. When I entered university, I had the chance to learn Spanish. Hence, I decided to name my blog in Spanish.

As the name goes, it is to remind us to always live life to the fullest and love living life every moment of it. We only have one lifetime to make everlasting memories.

Do drop me a comment whenever you're here at my blog. I would love to hear from you guys!

Lots of love... 

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