Sunday, 6 November 2016

HomemadeMarket X Aun Soon Confectionary Green Bean Biscuit

Growing up, I always hear about how tasty Penang green bean biscuits are. Now, I have just been introduced to one that is almost as good as the one from Penang. The green bean biscuits are also known locally as Tau Sa Peah (Hokkien) or Tau Sa Pang(Cantonese) or Dou Sa Bing (Mandarin).

Homemade Market has sent me a box of this delicious and aromatic green bean biscuits for me to try it out.

Aun Soon Confectionary is a humble little shop located at Malacca that creates delicious homemade biscuits and cookies , Chinese traditional biscuits and cookies that is. For Aun Soon, this biscuit is one of their signature biscuit and also they only sell one flavour of biscuit in contrary to those in Penang.

The moment I open up the biscuit, the aroma of fried onion and baked pastry fills the air. The biscuit is made up of flaky pastry for the skin, ground green bean filling that is mixed with fried onion, salt, and sugar.

At first bite, the skin was so flaky and thin. Flaky skin is definitely a texture that is very enjoyable with each bite. Having thin skin means you get more filling instead of just dough from the skin. I would say that to me, having the right amount of dough to filling ratio is important to ensure a very tasty food experience. You do not want to have too much of the dough flavour in comparison to the filling every time you bite into the biscuit.
Credits: Aun Soon Confectionary Facebook 

Aun Soon Confectionary is a place that has been around for more than 23 years and is determined to serve each and every of its customers with great homemade traditional Chinese biscuits. Many of the customers who have visited are often welcomed with warm hearts and open hands to showcase how they make their biscuits.

So, if you are looking for some good tasty treats in Malacca, be sure to drop by Aun Soon Confectionary and have a great time with the selections of biscuits and pastry, the homemade style.

If you are not in Malacca but would love to have some of these tasty bites delivered to your doorstep, head on to HomemadeMarket to get your supplies.


Getting there:
24, Jalan Sri Rama 3, Taman Muzaffar Shah,
Ayer Keroh
Phone: 06-231 3878
Opening hours: 8am - 4pm daily