Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Celebrating MORCO COFFEE's Relaunching & 1st Anniversary

MORCO COFFEE is not a new kid on the block that you would want to miss out, especially if you are looking for that awesome artisan coffee. It is a place that has great passion for great espresso and hand-brewed coffee.
I have had the privilege to join their re-launching event that was held on 30th September 2016 at their Sunway outlet (Just in front of Sunway University, you would not miss it!).

On the outside, it looks like a simple down to earth place while on the inside it is all so comfy with a home lounge feeling which I definitely enjoy.
Please excuse the out of proportion perspective of the photo, I had to crop out some images. =)
The cozy lounge feel you get even when you have just step foot there.
How do you love the first thing you see when you walk into this place? Coffee heaven for all coffee lovers!
The whole evening was curated by the awesome team for the guests to enjoy their new range of menu along with sharing a wonderful and fun moment with everyone. 

We started the evening with a welcome speech by the CEO of Morco Coffee, Mr Matthew Chong who wants to share their passion of brewing a great cuppa of coffee. Up next, we were introduced to MORCO's 

Guests were also treated to a few coffee demonstration to gain further insights of how your coffees are made. I, for one, definitely have gained a whole new level of respect towards coffee and baristas; without good skills from these talented baristas, our coffee would not taste as good as it is.
Left: Barista Hazley (@barista_hazley) showing us how to properly prepare hand brewed coffee.
Right: Barista Esther (@esthyyhughes) preparing some wonderful concoction.
We were introduced to MORCO COFFEE's house blend of Hi-Fi which carries a nutty and earthy finish and Monian that gives you a chocolatey flavour with hints of apricot. Can you imagine the aroma and taste of the coffee enveloping your taste buds?

We had coffee to wake our taste buds for their amazing dishes. The event was to also introduce the new dishes that they have created in conjunction of their special celebrations. This is a sneak peak for all of my readers as they will be launching the menu soon enough.

The New Menu Line Up:
Hazelnut Latte is a cuppa that is well balanced and not too sweet. You could taste the hint of hazelnut flavour to it.

A refreshing and delectable appetizer that keeps me wanting more with the fresh salad, crispy chickpeas, chicken croquettes, pomegranates, and home made sauce - MORCO's Greens.
MORCO's  Fruits of The Sea showcases how the tartness of the sauce works perfectly in unison with the seafood sweetness and flavour.

Juicy tender roasted chicken leg that is served on a bed of sweet pumpkin, served with sauteed vegetables, asparagus, and a drizzle of au jus will make you feel like a champ with MORCO's Champ Roast Chicken.
No meal is complete without a serving or two of dessert.

If you love fluffy pancakes as well as matcha, MORCO's Matcha Pancake is for you. The pancakes are not only fluffy, they also have a slight creamy center that brings out the smooth matcha flavour eaten on its own. Some drizzle of gula Melaka syrup and a scoop of matcha ice cream with the pancake elevates the matcha flavour even more.

Apple crumble is pretty common, right? MORCO's Banana Crumble is definitely new to me with the crumbles and sweet banana with Nutella sauce and ice cream. They had me at Nutella.
Ross, emcee/magician/comedian of the day with Drip Coffee Pack.
To all coffee lovers / addicts, MORCO COFFEE is also releasing their own MORCO COFFEE Drip Coffee Pack which makes having a good cuppa even possible and easy at home. All you need for a great coffee at home is 150ml to 180ml of hot water, a mug, and importantly, a pack of their drip coffee. Fresh coffee everyday!
Here is a collage just to share with everyone about who were there for a coffee and food adventure.
I definitely did enjoy myself, tasting good food, learning about coffee, and meeting new friends! It was a great  pleasure to be part of the event. I am already planning to drop by again for more good food and coffee. Have you been there yet? 


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