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Things Young Couples Should Realize

Remember when back in those days, our parents would tell us to always concentrate on education and never get into any relationships until we were able to feed ourselves? Well, that was probably a decade ago or so and perhaps some parents today still have similar things to say to their kids.
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Now, so many young couples around and more often than not, I noticed the petty things they would be arguing about. I have also noticed that most of the time, the ideology of a relationship has been influenced by all the TV dramas and serials like K-Drama where the guys would be ever so manly and be swooning every girls of their feet.

Here are some of the things we should know about relationship reality:

Gamer Couple: Expectation vs Reality:

1. Relationship Expectations
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People need to understand that no matter how amazing a relationship looked like in a drama, reality may not be the same. If you are expecting your other half to be like the hero of the drama that you have been watching, please stop. It is not fair to your partner. Each individual are different.

2. Paying During A Date
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If neither of you are working and earning your own bucks, chances are you are out on a date with the money you have gotten from your parents - you either requested allowances for the day or it is the lump sum of allowance you get a month. If that is the case, please be considerate and 'Go Dutch' with your date expenses. 'Go Dutch' is splitting the bill equally, by the way.
     No doubt a guy paying for the date seems like a very nice thing but be realistic. Splitting the bill is not all that bad and you two are are taking responsibilities of your own relationship.

3. The Need To Constantly Be In Touch
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Unless your phone calls are unlimited for the fixed amount of payment per month, be smart and get off the phone. As it is your parents have got to pay for the phone bill, you hanging on the phone 24/7 is not a smart thing to do. 
     If your partner is working or busy, they would have been too tired both mentally and physically in order to constantly be in touch with you.  You need to learn to take it down a notch and let your partner recuperate along with their own personal time.

4. The Responsibility Lies on Either Partner
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In any relationship, it takes two to tango, to make things work. While we often see in dramas that the male counterpart or either partner has to put in all the effort and miraculously the relationship would work, it does not apply in real life. Both partners need to work together to complete the relationship like Yin and Yang.

5. Effective Communication
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No one can read your mind but yourself. If you have something you would like your partner to know, speak it up. Talk to your partner and discuss on things. You both need to explain and express what you like or dislike. While you are at it, make it a discussion instead of stating things. Discussing things over would help you in understanding each other better.

6. Create Your Own Stories Together
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When in a relationship, you need to work together and create your own stories. Your relationship is your story that you will share with others and not trying to recreate what others have in their relationship. Your stories are the ones that you will sit together sometime in the future smiling and laughing about.

Of course, I am in no way saying that all things in drama are fake as their scripts were written by humans who would have or are in relationship. However, always these scripts and story are written based on what people would be inclined to watch.

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Regardless, always live life to the fullest and enjoy your relationship journey together. Grow with one another and be happy!

If you have something to share about relationships, do comment below.

I am in no way a certified relationship expert but I am sharing based on my personal experience. Each to their own =)

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