Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Girls' Day Out at New Chapter by The Owls Cafe

Carmen, Yvone, and I have not had a girls' get together for a while now. We are working adults with tight schedules. The moment we could block the date, we did it!
Photographer: Carmen Hong
Being the foodies that we are, we hunted for some place to have good food and wonderful day together. Voila! We found New Chapter by The Owls Cafe. Truth be told, I have heard of The Owls Cafe but I did not have the chance to actually drop by and try out their menu.
Photo Credits: New Chapter by The Owls Cafe
We hit the road and met up on a Friday morning (it was Raya break for us, just FYI *grins*). Funny part of the day - me and Yvone who travelled together, we went to the Owl Cafe thinking it was the place. We even went up and looked around just to find out we were in the wrong turf. Few minutes later, we found it - it was hidden within the vicinity of Cavalry Convention Center, Bukit Jalil.
Carmen was there on time and managed to snag a table for us so Yvone and I got lucky since Carmen did the waiting for us. 

We arrived to a place that looks so relaxing with the clean minimalist design. Sadly we did not manage to snap a picture or two of the entire place to share with everyone the look and feel. However, I looked up some photos by others (as credited below each photo) to share with you.
Photo credits: Malaysian Flavours
Photo credits: Malaysian Flavours

We ordered drinks for each of us along with two main dishes and a dessert to share.

From top clockwise: An owl pot of Peach Japanese Sencha (RM12.00) , a cup of refreshing peppermint Mocha (RM13.00), and a wake-me-up cup of Double Cappucino (RM10.00).

The Peach Japanese Sencha is a sweet-smelling green tea while the peppermint mocha was good with the right amount of peppermint to it. The double cappuccino was a balanced coffee with the right amount of milk and foam.

First main dish: Aglio Oglio Smoked Duck with Roasted Bell Peppers (RM 21.00)
Aglio Oglio Smoked Duck with Roasted Bell Peppers

Presentation for the dish could have been better but not a major let down. Portion was a bit small to be honest. The smoked duck was quite salty to my taste. However, I have been accustomed to less salt for my food items since I was young so this can be just in my case kind of situation. One element that took us by surprise was the addition of the preserved puree of some sort.  We cannot be certain what it was but it was probably preserved olives. It was an unusual addition which did work with the pasta and duck.

Second main dish: Baker On The Go - Morning Daisy with add-on of Beef Bacon (RM16.00 + RM5.00)
Baker On The Go - Morning Daisy with add-on of Beef Bacon

The presentation was very appetising I must say. We really loved this platter as it was hearty and scrumptious. The croissant lived up to its description in the menu - buttery and flaky, the aroma of it with the after taste just made us want more of it. The scrambled eggs are properly seasoned and of course, it is creamy with the buttery milky taste. As for the fries and bacon, they were great addition to the texture area with their crunch while the salad adds the freshness to cut off the buttery flavour of eggs and croissant. I would say that the croissant and eggs were the star of the platter. Definitely worth the try.

Dessert: REBECCA Waffle (RM18.00)
REBECCA Waffles topped with homemade Earl Grey ice cream, berries, banana, syrup, and some coconut flakes

This is by the far the best waffle I have tasted especially the Early Grey ice cream. The richness of the Earl Grey with the creamy consistency of the ice cream and the balanced sweetness goes very well together with the rest of the elements of the waffle. It is also very pleasant to the eyes with the beautiful design of the waffle. Definitely a must try!

It was a fun day for us with loads of laughter and fun! We even had fun with the camera just because it has been a while.

Friends does not mean having to spend all the time together, it is the quality time that matters.

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