Sunday, 3 July 2016

It's Time To Say Goodbye

It has been a long time since I have updated my blog. Life happened.

Today, the first post for 2016 is not an easy one to write. 

Regardless, I had to share my story. 

If you expected a sob story, well, it is a heartbreaking one (at least for me). It is hard to be writing this and holding back my feelings. For those who have known me for awhile would know that I have an adorable Miniature Pinscher mix named Princess. It is with a heavy heart that I have to share with you that she has passed away on 14th March 2016. 

It was a battle for her and unfortunately, the battle proved to be too hard for Princess to win. Kitt and I were both hoping the best for her. We wanted her to win the battle.

She was diagnosed with Tick Fever and Heartworm disease. Both the illness took a great toll on her. Her blood count was bad. She was not eating well or not eating at all for the matter of fact. It was sad to see her losing weight by the day.

Heartworm was the main killer, if you were to ask me. It is both fatal as a disease as well as the treatment. 

What is hearworm? Why or how fatal it is? This is why I am writing this post today.

What is Heartworm?
Heartworm is a condition whereby as the name goes, there are worms lodging themselves within the heart of the mammal. The female worms are the most destructive and may grow up to 1 metre in length while causing damage to the heart. The multiple very quickly and congest the chest area, causing discomfort to the organs.

Were there any symptoms?
Unfortunately, the symptoms do not show until the very late stages. When we found out she had heartworm, it was too late. She had multiple adult worms and loads of baby worms within her. 

Can it be treated?
Treatment is available and possible. However, the treatment on its own is risky and can be said as fatal (in her case). During treatment, the initial medication that was given via injection was supposedly to dislodge the worms from her heart. Subsequent treatments were to kill off the worms. 

How is the treatment fatal?
  1. The medication is actually very toxic. A slight wrong in administration of dosage could kill the patient.
  2. The worms that have been killed are actually still in the bloodstream and could actually clog up the pathway causing the patient to collapse.
That is why doctor said to put her on strict bed rest and within a slightly confined space to restrict too much of unnecessary movements. This could go on for months until the patient is cleared of the worms.

How long is the treatment process?
Treatment could go for months depending on the condition.

Princess was first diagnosed with the disease on Friday when we brought her in for a check seeing that she was so frail. She started her first treatment on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, she collapsed and passed away on Sunday morning 10am.

When we got her diagnosis from the blood test results, the doctor kept reminding me to be prepared for the worse. He did not say that it was too late for her but from the looks on his face, it seemed like it was a tough fight to win. I was trying to hold on to luck and hoped that she could make it through it all.

On Saturday night as I was feeding her food and water, she was quite herself. She had a lot of food and water compared to previous days. She even wagged her tail so much when she saw me and we had conversation like how we always would. Kitt and I thought maybe the treatment was working (the wishful thinking we had). As I went to bed that night, I was worried about what might happen.

The next morning, mom woke us up saying that she is not breathing anymore. 

Shocked as I was, I ran to her cage and stood there for solid 5 minutes, trying to process her motionless body. I was hoping that it was just a dream and that she was just sleeping. Tears rolled down my cheeks, I took my hands to wipe it away. Walking towards her, I could not stop my tears and I was crying so badly. 

Almost four months now and everything felt like it happened just yesterday. I would still nonchalantly walk to the back of the house where it used to be her domain thinking to say hello to that furball. When I reached and looked at the empty space, then it hits me hard.

Moving on is hard but time heals. Memories were made together for me to look back.

Princess loves having car rides with me. Can you see her cuteness?

Princess, I am sure you are happy in your doggy heaven now. 
Thank you for the love and memories. 

[Note: Information regarding heartworm is based on my personal experience and from the explanations from the veterinarian. Do look up for more comprehensive information.]

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