Sunday, 31 July 2016

#AltheaTurns1 Birthday Bash Weekend

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Hope you have a had a great weekend!

We had fun at the photo booth by Glitz & Glam Studiobooth. They made a 3D photobooth just for Althea.
I am pretty sure that by now, many of the beauty lovers out there especially Korean Beauty / K-Beauty would have heard of or even purchased from Althea at least once. If you have just hear it from me, I will be sharing a little something for you at the end of my post.

Let us get down to the topic at hand together.
Birthday Party Invitation courtesy of Althea
Over the weekend, on 24th of July, I attended Althea's birthday party held at Ruang, Subang Jaya. It was a sweet get together between the invited fans, bloggers with the Althea Malaysia team. The whole theme of the event was based on the colour PINK. As you walk in the venue, you are greeted with Althea team members in pink as well as all the decor right up to the refreshments. You would feel like you are in pink fantasy land.
Look at all the pink hues as well as all the guests dressed in all shades of pink.
It was a two hours plus affair that day with my best friend, Carmen Hong who happens to be a fantastic blogger with awesome photography skills. She is a very bubbly girl with a great taste for food and fashion alike. The story of how we met will be for another day but in short, it was our first date together.
The Selfie Corner that is all glam-ed up with pink. Can you see the Althea logo?
The CEO of Althea, Frank gave a speech and we hit it at a high note with birthday song followed by cake cutting. Althea's birthday cake is one of the cutest and most well-done cake I have seen by far. The box details looked so real that it took us a while to figure it out that it was a cake top.

Cake cutting by the CEO
We had best dressed contest too. Carmen won third with her cute outfit. There were a total of three winners. Each walked home with a box of products from Althea. Lucky lasses!

To end the  day, everyone was asked to grab a balloon each that were available by the stage. Little did we know that inside the balloons contained our lucky draw gifts. Althea made sure that everyone who came for the party go home feeling happy and sweet as each of us had a little something from the lucky draw. Not a conventional lucky draw whereby only a handful goes home with gifts. Kudos to Althea for making us all happy girls and guys!

The major surprise of the day was actually the part when they announced that all attendees have 150 Althea credits in each of our accounts. The heart attack and panic hit us when we heard we only have 30 mins to shop! Carmen and I were like trying to figure out what to get within the 30 mins. We were lucky when they then mentioned to all of us that we have till midnight - extended shopping hours! YAY!

All in all, we were all dressed up fancy in pink to celebrate Althea's First Birthday.

Striking a pose with my outfit of the day.
Photographer: Carmen Hong
Before you leave this page, here is a little something for everyone. If you have not signed up for an Althea account, do so by clicking this link:

Once you have signed up, you get an additional RM5.00 discount and RM 30 worth of new member discounts when purchasing from Althea.

Be gorgeous everyone!

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