Thursday, 4 June 2015

FINE Diet Coffee

Hola Lovelies!

It has been so long since my last post. Hectic internship life right after my examinations ended. How are you doing?

Getting to the point, a parcel was sent to my house last week and when I heard it from my mom, I was surprised since no parcel was expected.

Here is the package that was sent to me: FINE Diet Coffee - all the way from Japan that is said to curb the hunger pangs as it is high in fibre.

Here is the information leaflet available on the product:

FINE Diet Coffee Information Leaflet
Source: Hishop

Here are some pictures for you to see how it looks like in real life:
The packaging is a lightweight tin with easy to close lid.
It comes with a sealed lid that ensures the freshness.

The powder is very similar to premix coffee with its smell and texture.

I do not usually take diet products as I prefer to do it by adopting healthy eating habits and exercise. Since it is coffee based and from the product information, the ingredients are mostly plant based which is high in fibre, I gave it a go.

What do I think about FINE Diet Coffee?
The coffee taste is very mild for me. Maybe because I like my espresso whenever I would like to have a caffeine fix. It is not very creamy nor sweet. I would prefer it to be slightly smoother to the throat when drinking.

Whether it does help with filling up my tummy for the morning, it does help in filling up my tummy better than my usual breakfast drinks. Throughout the day, I have lesser cravings than usual.

Get yours from HiShop for RM111.32 now.

Product was sent by HiShop for reviewing purposes.
Review is done based on personal experience.

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