Monday, 8 September 2014

July 'LOVE' Fashion Culture Box

Beauty boxes are the trend right now ever since I heard about the beauty bag idea by Michele Phan - Ipsy Bag. Now in Malaysia, we are not left behind as there are numerous beauty boxes or bags available for you to subscribe to. One thing that I have ever yet to know about is fashion boxes, at least not until I found out about Fashion Culture Box. They are the very first to offer fashion box in Malaysia!

The mechanism used by Fashion Culture Box is the very same mechanism used with beauty box subscriptions except you are getting fashionable items rather than products. Another difference I would call it, the items in the fashion box is the full item on its own as compared to beauty boxes where you get deluxe samples, sachets, and/or travel sized products with the occasional full sized items.

Every month is a different theme and the boxes will be filled with items matching the them; delivered to your doorsteps. Subscription is opened beginning of the month and you will receive them by end of the month or so.
 It comes in a simple white box with black printings- a simplistic yet elegant way of packaging.

For the month of July, Fashion Culture had curated yet another three themes for their subscribers - two inspired by music: Love Story and Rocker Chick, and one July Special: The Hijab Box.

They have been gracious to send me a box of my choice for a review. I was given a choice between the three themes to choose from and I chose Love Story being a person who adores the ideology of love story, one true love, and anything that relates.

My finds in the Love Story box:
Love Rosa Sunglasses
Key & Hearts Diamente Gold Necklace
Mise en Dior Inspired Pearl Ear Studs

Genesis ProGum Care Toothpaste
Shokubutsu Shower Foam (Sample Pack) in Oriental Charm, Balinese Escape, and Onsen Therapy

Personally, I would consider this box a hit and miss based on the following:
  • The Love Rosa Sunglasses is a miss for me because it is not exactly my style and did not suit my face at all, so I have no use for it. Sunglasses is something that is hard to match without having tried it on before purchasing. For my face that is considerably rounded, it definitely did not flatter me at all.
  • The Mise en Dior Inspired Pearl Ear Studs are something fresh for my accessories collection. It simple yet elegant and can be worn for all occasions. 
  • The Key & Hearts Diamente Gold Necklace is a really miss for me because the clasp of the necklace was not function well. On top of that, the necklace felt really flimsy.
  • The toothpaste and the shower foam were something new for me to try out. I have a neutral feeling for them.
Overall, I was expecting to get a box filled with several fashion items but it turns out there were only three. I would not mind if the toothpaste and shower foam were replaced with some other accessories associated to the theme.

To subscribe to your own Fashion Culture Box, visit:

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