Saturday, 13 September 2014

Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam: Deep Cleansing

Our skin needs deep cleansing once in a while if not often to remove impurities that are clogging our pores deep down inside. Using the right product for the skin is crucial to ensure the best results you can attain.

I have heard about how in the olden days, people would use rice bran as a form of scrub and rice water as the cleansing water for brighter and healthier skin. Today, this brand that I will be introducing uses the same theory to create a deep cleansing foam for your daily needs.

HiShop was kind to send me a tube of Korean skincare brand -  DEOPROCE Natural Solution Cleansing Foam for me to try it out.

Rice powder and rice bran as the main ingredients along with mixture of cereals are used for their ability to deeply scrub and cleanse the tiniest skin cells that clogs the pores minus irritations. You would end up with smooth, soft, and hydrated skin. Rice water aids in evening the skin tone as well as calming any form of irritation due to cleansing. 

This product has THREE key features that are the main target of the foam:
  1. Deep cleansing - rice powder and rice grain deeply scrub and cleanse even tiny dead skin cells.
  2. Pore Care - Mixed cereals extracts rich in protein to even out skin texture and tone.
  3. Moisturizing - Purifying, moisturizing, and calming effect from the rice water for the irritated skin after exfoliation.
The product comes in a tube of 170g which is a lot. There is a seal of freshness at the opening which ensures that your product does not spill or neither is it exposed to the environment.

As you would use your regular cleansing products, the use of this foam is equally as easy. It is recommended that you use Lukewarm water to lather as well ass rinse.

If you look closely, you would find tiny grains of rice bran. When you dispense onto your palm, you would feel as if you have milk foam-like product.
Once you add some water and lather, you would get rich foams that is so soft to the skin. Next, you just have to gently massage and rinse away.

Before Usage
As you can see, I have my fair amount of clogged pores as well as tiny bumps on parts of my face. The cleanser is supposed to help with such situation.


My Verdict (Bear in mind that I have ECZEMA):
After using this product once, my skin feels squeaky clean like literally. I, personally dislike the squeaky feeling as my skin feels extremely tight and dry. Some parts of my face itch due to the tightness and dryness just immediately after one use. I did not continue using the product as I worry I might damage my sensitive skin.

Granted, the product does polish your skin and helps lessen the 'bumpiness' in just one use. I would think that longer usage of this product would help to reduce more of the bumps and unclog pores.

For a Korean brand that costs only RM29.90 for a 170g tube of product, I must say it is a good buy. It would last you for a very long time.


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  1. looks useful to me! i got clogged pores too! =(


    1. Hi Henry! Maybe you could give it a try =) I have a friend who said it does help with the skin condition. If my skin wasn't super sensitive to products, I would continue using it.