Saturday, 13 September 2014

Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam: Deep Cleansing

Our skin needs deep cleansing once in a while if not often to remove impurities that are clogging our pores deep down inside. Using the right product for the skin is crucial to ensure the best results you can attain.

I have heard about how in the olden days, people would use rice bran as a form of scrub and rice water as the cleansing water for brighter and healthier skin. Today, this brand that I will be introducing uses the same theory to create a deep cleansing foam for your daily needs.

HiShop was kind to send me a tube of Korean skincare brand -  DEOPROCE Natural Solution Cleansing Foam for me to try it out.

Monday, 8 September 2014

July 'LOVE' Fashion Culture Box

Beauty boxes are the trend right now ever since I heard about the beauty bag idea by Michele Phan - Ipsy Bag. Now in Malaysia, we are not left behind as there are numerous beauty boxes or bags available for you to subscribe to. One thing that I have ever yet to know about is fashion boxes, at least not until I found out about Fashion Culture Box. They are the very first to offer fashion box in Malaysia!

The mechanism used by Fashion Culture Box is the very same mechanism used with beauty box subscriptions except you are getting fashionable items rather than products. Another difference I would call it, the items in the fashion box is the full item on its own as compared to beauty boxes where you get deluxe samples, sachets, and/or travel sized products with the occasional full sized items.

Every month is a different theme and the boxes will be filled with items matching the them; delivered to your doorsteps. Subscription is opened beginning of the month and you will receive them by end of the month or so.
 It comes in a simple white box with black printings- a simplistic yet elegant way of packaging.