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GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

GlamGlow is a much raved product by those in Western countries.  What initially was intended for those on-set in Hollywood is now a wonder product that a lot sought after. Now, it has set foot in Malaysia! 

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia and GlamGlow, I could experience the mask for myself and unravel the wonders it holds.

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment mask is created to aid in combating the all common skin concerns. The science behind this Supermud is the blend of ingredients that includes Teaoxi Eucalyptus leaf, ACNECIDIC-6, Pore-Matrix, and Bio-Life-Science.

What is Teaoxi Eucalyptus leaf about?
GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment mask contains actual eucalyptus leaf that would allow it to release fresh eucolyptol, natural linalool oil, and flavonoids directly into the mask.

What is ACNECIDIC-6?
It is the first of its kind to have clearing treatment with a blend of 6 acid blend that aids in multiple skin concerns. The 6 BHA and AHA acids are in perfect balance to deliver faster and better results for your skin.
  • Glycolic - aids in restoring photo damaged skin and improving skin texture
  • Salicylic - aids in de-clogging so as to minimize pores and aids in skin rejuvenation
  • Lactic - aids in pigmentation, moisurizing, stimulating, and skin collagen
  • Mandelic - aids in fines lines, wrinkles, aging skin, and skin elasticity
  • Pyruvic - aids in effects of scaring and clearer skin
  • Azelaic - aids in combating follicle bacteria and breakouts

What is Pore-Matrix?
The activated charcoal used is a carbon compound that could absorb toxic substances up to 500 times the volume from the skin. The clay can extract and encapsulate the excess sebum oils, bacteria, and toxins whilst allowing you to wash it off your skin easily.

What is Bio-Life-Cell-Science?
The blend of ingredients used allows your skin to absorb the goodness from nature.
  • Eucalyptus leaf - fights toxic skin complications
  • Licorice root - regulates and alleviates problem skin
  • Peppermint plant - controls bacteria and irritations
  • Chamomile - helps with inflammation and regeneration
  • Marigold - fights viral and microbial problems
  • Comfrey herb - aids in analgesic recovery 
  • Aloe vera - aids in healing and rejuvenation
  • Ivy - relieves itching and tightens skin
  • Cucumber - soothes and calms skin
Time to look at what I have experienced with this Supermud!
I got the 10g tube. It has a seal to retain the freshness of the product as well as to ensure there is no contamination. The mask has this herbal scent to it which I like and enjoy. 

Instruction of use:
1. Apply a thin layer to clean skin.
2. Leave on for 5-20minutes.
3. Remove with water.

The product is not too thick nor too thin which allows easy spreading. About a 20cent dollop is good enough to cover the entire face. The product dries very, very quickly which means quick spreading is key. While applying, I noticed that there were bits and pieces of eucalyptus leaves. The mask has this slight cooling sensation.
  • Within 2 seconds of application, the mask begins to dry up. 
  • At 1 minute mark, the mask is almost completely dried.
  • I waited till 20minutes before removing. If you noticed, the areas around my cheeks and nose are somewhat wet looking. The mask is actually soaked with the excess sebum oil that has been extracted. 
Removing with water was easier than expected. Once completely washed off, my face feels this light cooling sensation that leaves me feeling clean and fresh. My skin feels smoother and softer. It feels like it is more breathable.

I find that my skincare products are absorb very much faster after using the mask. Remember when I reviewed about the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate, I mentioned that it absorbs very quickly (f not, you can read here.) but this time around, my skin absorbs the serum almost instantaneously  as compared to prior using the mask. 

I tried to capture photos that are truest to real time skin condition but this is the best I could get.

Albeit not being able to see the difference between the Before and After, there is difference that can be felt. One cannot expect a lot of difference with just one use. 

My Likes:
  • Easy application and removal
  • Skin feels clean and fresh
  • Pores are unclogged 
  • Refreshing herbal scent
  • No sensitive reaction

My Dislike:
  • A hefty price for a jar
GlamGlow is now available at Sephora!

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