Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Falling In Love Everyday

When I see an elderly couple who are holding hands with smiles on their faces while walking slowly in a mall or any place at all, I find myself in awe. I have seen and heard of a few marriages or relationship that did not last for all the reasons possible. Hearing such news made me think that sometimes relationship with another soul could so fickle. When you hear about a person cheating on the partner or just feel out of love, what would you feel?

One day, I came across an article or a quote, I cannot really recall which but I could relate to that one line - "To stay in love with that person, you have to fall in love with that person everyday"  , a simple yet meaningful line.

I found myself sitting there, thinking to myself about my feelings for and relationship with the Boyfriend. I asked myself, "Do I fall I love with him everyday?". The answer was a big fat YES!

That feeling of falling in love for the first time or when you have just started dating, could you recall what it feels like? Think hard and answer yourself. What if you could experience that feeling again everyday?

Whenever we plan to go out for a date, I find myself  excited and anticipating it like when we first went out for a date. I still get that butterflies in my stomach moments when I see him at my front door.

"To stay in love with that person, you have to fall in love with that person everyday"

I believe in appreciating the little things he does for me, are the ones that makes me fall in love with him everyday. I find myself smiling everyday when I think back of his little gestures. Appreciating what we do for one another brings us closer together. We never feel obliged to do stuffs for one another because we do what we can in whatever ways possible nor do we expect to hear the word 'Thank You' but we do it anyway. Remember how we would do things willingly when we are newly together or trying to woo that crush? In fact, he never lets me thank him; instead he blackmails me by saying he will not do stuffs for me if I am going to thank him every time he does.

Whenever I see him, I always find something to fall in love about in him. He can be crazy at times that I would laugh till my abs hurt and I start tearing in fits of laughter. He can be so serious when it comes to taking care of plans or issues. He can be so annoying at times that I really would punch him in the arm just to stop him (No worries, we go to the gym together and I know he can take more than just my punch.). In truth, no matter what day it is or how often we spend our time together, I will always have something to fall in love about.

Falling in love everyday helps bring the best out of our relationship. Everyday is a new day to fall in love with each other again and again. Everyday is a new courtship for us although we have been together for almost 7 years now. Who said you can only fall in love once with that guy that you are dating?

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