Monday, 7 July 2014

L'Oreal Men Expert BB Moisturizing Gel

What with the ladies having more and more products for their cosmetics and skin care regime, the guys are not left behind either. L'Oreal Men Expert has step up their game by introducing the first BB gel that is specially engineered for the guys.

Product Information
Name: L'Oreal Men Expert BB Moisturizing Gel
Size   : 50ml
L'Oreal Men Expert BB Moisturizing Gel works as skin correction while energizing the skin throughout the day to give the skin a healthy glow.

Source: L'Oreal Men

At one look, the black tube design is actually very simple yet stylish, resembling the fashion sense of most men. At least the guys will not feel like they are lugging some beauty product with them.

At one whiff, the product definitely have that manly fragrance, somewhat like the universal smell you would get in most men products. It reminds me of the men cologne or after-shave. 

The product is in gel form with micro-beads that will blend well, helps to brighten the skin and conceal imperfections. 
Source: L'Oreal Men

Upon application, it leaves the skin feeling icy cool and hydrated as it has 80% water content. The cooling sensation lingers for about 5 minutes, which I really like.

I managed to convince Mr.Boyfriend to give this a try or rather to let me apply it on his face. It took me almost an hour of negotiations with him just to make him my guinea pig. 
He had a very hard time keeping a straight face when I wanted to snap a few photos.

It is obvious that there is a difference between the two photos. The BB Gel provides a sheer to medium coverage, probably quite enough for men who are not very used to having such product on their face. The BB Gel is lightweight and definitely does not make the face feel oily. I even tried it out myself. 

Guys out there who plan to get something for their face to cover up some imperfections but do not want to look like you have layers of products, L'Oreal Men Expert BB Moisturizing Gel might be something you would like to try.

Available for RM35.90 at all leading stores near you.
More information, visit 

Let me know if anyone have tried this product. Definitely is fun to hear from others too.

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