Thursday, 3 July 2014

Egyptian Magic Cream : The All Rounder Cream

There have so been so many raves about the Egyptian Magic Cream. This cream has also garnered a lot of loyal users among celebrities. Albeit the name being Egyptian Magic Cream, it is a product made in the USA. 

Thanks to Natta Cosme, I could give it a try and see if this works just like what all the rave is all about.
Natta even included info cards. How thoughtful of them.

This cream is said to be an all natural multi-purpose product that one could use for the entire body, from head to toe. Made naturally from a blend of six ingredients - olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, honey, and bee propolis. No additives, no preservatives, no fragrances, no chemicals, and paraben free.
As you can see, the cream is quite opaque and reminds you of a tub of darker coloured petroleum jelly like Vaseline. It looks rather solid but actually it is not.

Before using the cream, it is best to separate them into smaller tubs for your use. It is to ensure that the product can be kept clean and not constantly exposed to air that may introduce bacteria, germs or even dust. It also helps to retain the potency of the cream.
What you need :
1. A clean small container, I used my contact lens container since I have plenty.
2. A clean spatula
What to do:
Use the spatula, slowly scoop up the cream and place into the container. Easy as that!

How to use:
  1. Take the amount you need but remember, a little goes a long way with this cream.
  2. Rub it in your palms. The heat from the palms will melt the cream and produce a liquid oil.
Apply it all over the desired area.
On the left, shows the consistency of the cream.
On the right, once spread, it is colourless and you will notice a sheen.

My Overall Thoughts:

This cream works very well in keeping skin hydrated. It provides like a layer of protection for the skin. Being multipurpose, you can really stretch your money with this product from using as skin moisturizer to makeup remover, even more so when only a little is needed to get the job done. I use this cream as my lip balm since my lip is super sensitive to certain ingredients and this works fine. On random days, I use them as cuticle oil and body and hair masque before a good bath. My skin does feel more supple and moisturized after a week continuous usage .This cream soothes my eczema prone skin whenever I need a quick relieve from all the rashes. It does not irritate my super sensitive skin at all. 

Despite so many have mentioned that is is non sticky and non oily as well as without any scent, I beg to differ. It is very oily to my face till it broke me out the next day. On other part of my body, it does leave this slight tacky feeling which I dislike. My super sensitive nose could catch the slight waxy scent. I am a person who loves to go to bed with smooth feeling and fragrant smelling skin. 


Where to get this Egyptian Magic Cream?
Head on to to order a tub for yourself.
A 59ml tub retails at RM89.00 now,
A 118ml tub retails at RM125.00 now, 
While sales last.

They are on Instagram as well!

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