Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dining at La Casa Kuantan

Hello Lovelies!

How have your weekend been? 

I hope you had fun! I definitely had a blast with my girls. 

The semester ended so we decided to rent a car, head out for some relaxation, and some delicious food. The semester was hectic and stressful for all of us - we had to prepare for our final year projects, tests, quizzes, and whatnot. Everyone was running around like zombies. Plus, we needed some awesome tasting food for our poor taste buds having to live on the same ol' cafeteria food.

We wanted to get some yummy Western food or to be more precise, some chicken and lamb chops. We  first headed to Chill & Grill, located next to A LemonGrass Thai at Jalan Berserah, thinking that we will get to try out some delicious chops. When we reached, the menu was A LemonGrass Thai menu and all in it were Thai food. Bummer~ 

Since we all adamant about getting some chops for dinner, we started grilling our brains to think of a place to head to. We thought of this place known as La Casa, located at Jalan Teluk Cempedak.  It is located on the way to one of the famous tourist attractions in Kuantan known as Teluk Cempedak.


Our Menu of The Night

When we were seated, we were immediately served with this platter of bread. I believe this is like a complimentary snack while waiting for our orders, like how some Chinese restaurants would serve you a plate of peanuts. I quite like the soft bread with the olive oil and vinaigrette. The bread pieces were cut fresh from the loaves that they have in a basket nearby.  

Each of us took a pick on food for the table so we can have a taste of what they have to offer.

'A very hearty meal of oven-hot penne with white sauce and tuna'. 

The generous amount of tuna chunks were concentrate mostly at the middle part of the dish. The sauce is not too thick nor too thin. It is like comfort food for the soul. Best eaten when it is hot!

Overall, I would rate this a 3.5/5

'A thick grilled salmon fillet on top of a bed of potato salad with fresh salad dressed in simple vinaigrette'. 

This plate is like the star of the whole table. The salmon was fresh and was not overcooked or dry. The potato salad was the best part of the dish! It had the right amount of tanginess to cut into the salmon fatty flavour. It was flavourful and paired very well with the salmon. If only they would give us a larger serving of the potato salad and fresh salad (we just love them so much!)

Overall, I would rate this a 4/5

LAMB CHOP @ RM 27.00
'Tender, juicy lamb chops served with choice of fries or mashed potatoes, fresh salad tossed in vinaigrette and some boiled broccoli and carrots'.

We were not offered which part of lamb to choose from. The lamb pieces were cooked perfectly - not dried out or chewy. Fries were crunchy and not greasy. The salad were the of the same component as the one served with the salmon. The gravy was of a nice consistency and was not over-seasoned. 

Overall, I would rate this a 3.5/5


Hmm.. This pizza was one dish which I do not know how to describe. We were told that Prawn Pizza was the pizza of the day. The staff told us we can also have half and half and we decided to try the Hawaiian Pizza. The pizza dough is not too thin nor too thick, which I like. The prawns were large and fresh. On each slice, you could get at least two pieces of the prawns which I think is pretty generous seeing that we had four slices on the plate. The pineapple topping on the Hawaiian half was a let down as it tasted like they were canned pineapples. On the plus side, they had huge slices of ham. The pizza was not as exciting as the other dishes were.

Overall, I would rate this a 2.5/5 


Overall, the dinner was good and it was worth every penny spent.
  • The environment was cozy with the minimal decorations (with quite a few of Marilyn Monroe portraits hung around the place). 
  • The toilet was relatively clean. 
  • The staffs were friendly. 
  • Food was served at an okay pace. 
  • Pricing was what to be expected (expect a 5% service charge, no government tax)
  • Regular menu has limited food options, especially the drinks.

I would definitely want to head down there again to try out the other food in their menu.


They often rotate their 'Menu of The Day' on top of their regular menu. 
Located at 
A-1820 , Jalan Teluk Cempedak,

 Taman CempedakKuantan

Tel: 609-568 9921

A refurbished bangalow into a Mediterranean restaurant.

Landmark: Opposite of the Royal Pahang Golf Course, on your left on the way to Teluk Cempedak.

If you know of any good eating spots in Kuantan, do let me know!

Till then, 


  1. Looking at the pizza, I think this is the first time seeing pizza with so generous topping!!! =)

    1. Hi Nick! I have to agree with you on that! The topping is very generous. The taste however was so so.