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CLIO Virgin Kiss Lipnicure in 07 Tension Red Review


Here is my second installment of my CLIO product reviews courtesy of HiShop. If you have yet to read about the CLIO Cushion CC, you can read it here and the CLIO Waterproof Pen Eyeliner in 01 KILL BLACK, you can read it here.

This time I bring to you the CLIO Virgin Kiss Lipnicure in 07 Tension Red.

"Manicure for the lips - specially developed to provide extreme  long-lasting effect and high intensity colors for a flawless finish with a single touch upon lips"
Product       : CLIO Virgin Kiss LIPNICURE 
Shade          : 07 Tension Red 
Retail price: RM 55.90

The product comes in a simple black box while the product comes in a glass-like bottle, resembling very much like a bottle of nail polish. The bottle is clear, allowing the user to keep track of what is left of the product within.
As you can see, the applicator is made with a curve. It does not pick up too much of product at a time. Upon opening, you will get a whiff of light floral, powdery scent, similar to what you smell with the CLIO VF21 Cushion CC. It is quite nice to smell. I kept smelling the swatch I had at the back of my hand.
The colour is definitely an intense red. One swipe and you can see how red it is.
Please excuse the messy application. I am new to applying bold colours and my lips are out of shape right now.

I tried to capture the true colour with my camera but the lighting was insufficient to achieve it. But you can see that it is really a thick red colour. The formulation is very thick but it glides on the lips rather easily. It takes a little while to dry up completely before you can purse your lips together. The lipnicure dries up to a matte finish and definitely does not budge unlike our regular lipsticks or my current favourite Balm Stains.

If you purse your lips before it is properly dried, you will regret it because you lips will look like they are peeling. (Could do this for a Halloween costume party makeup though.)

The thing about applying the Lipnicure is that you have to apply it very very careful, especially when working with such a statement colour. A thin layer dries up quite fast and you would have problem correcting it later. I had a hard time applying since I am not used to such deep colour and what with my lips being so out of shape right now, thanks to my overly sensitive skin.

The Lipnicure is a product that is quite the challenge to remove. It was like I am trying to peel of a layer of my lips. This reminded me of how we are trying to remove nail polish, tedious job especially when you just want to remove everything and get a good bath.

Based on what I have gotten over the web, there are eight colours in this Lipnicure range:
1. Trouble Peach
2. Nasty Pink
3. Crime Pink
4. Cynical Orange
5. Revenge Pink
6. Rumor Coral
7. Tension Red
8. Guilty Pink

I am not sure whether they are available in stores right now. If I do find all of them, I will be sure to update.

Here are my thoughts about the 
CLIO Lipnicure in 07 Tension Red
My Likes:
  • It does not transfer to any surface
  • The light floral, powdery scent.
  • Highly pigmented
  • Reasonable drying time

My Dislikes:
  • Difficult to remove
  • Lips becomes very dry

I really need to master the application of this Lipnicure to obtain that sexy look given that Tension Red is a really sexy colour. On top of that, I definitely need to find the occasion to wear it since I cannot see myself walking around malls with such a statement colour. I will be so self conscious when at it. I would defiitely give other softer colours a try when I can get my hands on them. Definitely a good lip colour product to have on for dates with the Boyfriend especially when smooching will be at work  *wink*


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Do share with me your experience of using CLIO products or any other beauty products. I would love to hear from you!

Till next time,
Cheers and Stay Beautiful

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