Monday, 5 May 2014

One Eventful Week - Escaping Escape Room


Remember I wrote about the eventful week I had when I was back home two weeks back?
If you have yet to read about it, CLICK HERE.

I am going to share another piece of my eventful week with you guys!

I am pretty sure the place, ESCAPE ROOM is nothing new by now.

I have been hearing a lot and seen so many blogging about trying out Escape Room and I had the chance when I was back. I did not know that they opened a branch near my place till my friends told me about it. The only one I heard of was at Setiawalk. 

The Bandar Botanic branch has 6 themes to offer. The leaflet below shows all the information you will need to know:

I kinda tore the leaflet accidentally. Hence, the mark

Once you have done your payment the theme of your choice, you will be given a wristbands with the serial numbers.

Why the numbers? Because they are having lucky draws every week. 10 lucky ones will be able to play a game for free!
We played three rooms: 
Abandon Factory
The Abandon Factory was pretty easy to solve. 
There was 2 rooms to escape from.
We clocked at 25minutes. 
We could have escaped earlier but the last lock decided to be a little problematic on us, even the staff-in-charge was saying that the lock is problematic.

TAKEN has 4 rooms to escape from. 
We were so close to winning.. The last puzzle was all we needed to solve!
The last puzzle was one thing we would never even thought of.

Prison Break

PRISON BREAK has two rooms to escape from.
We lost, sadly! We were so close!! That last clue.. Oh, bummer~
We found out how to solve the last clue during the final 3 minutes but we were short of one element. 

The Boyfie was sporting enough to pose for this. 

Oh yeah! They have whole load of props to pose with before or after you play. =D


The whole experience was fun. By the time we were done, we felt like we became so much more smarter.. Haha.. Technically, my Boyfie said that.
For the 2 themes that we nearly escaped a.k.a win, we were so close. We were down to the last clue and we just ran out of time.

Hopefully we will get to try out all the other themes available.
They offer different themes at different outlet. YAY to more fun!


For more information:
The outlets they have across the Penisular:



A piece of advice, it is best to call up and book to ensure you get to play the theme of your liking, at the time you want to.

Till then,

P.S: This is not a paid advert or sponsored post. I was there with my friends to have a great time. =)

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