Thursday, 8 May 2014

MrLens: Online Optical Shopping


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Thank you to THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT MALAYSIA and MRLENS MALAYSIA , I have here is a little something for all of you =)

I am pretty sure you might have guessed what I am going to share with you today. If you guessed about contact lenses, yeap, you are right!

MrLens is an online contact lens re-seller that started out in Switzerland and now expanding their business into Asia. MrLens Malaysia are our very own online contact lens re-seller that provides customers the comfort and convenience of shopping from the comfort of the home, without having to travel anywhere and at anytime. 

Being a contact lens user, when an opportunity arrived to try out their services, I jumped into it A.S.A.P. Read on to find out how to shop with MrLens Malaysia for your optical needs.

Fret not, it will be like a pictorial. Super easy, I promise!

Let's Start Shopping!

STEP 1: Go to their official website at and you will be directed to their homepage

STEP 2: Click on My Account (top right corner of the page) and you will be redirected to the Login/Signup page

If you already have an account with them , go ahead and Login. If you are new, click on CONTINUE. 

For new customers, you will be redirected to the Registration page where you can register for free, no prior purchase is needed. Here is how the page will look like
Fill it up and click CONTINUE. You will be directed to the page informing you that you have registered. Click on CONTINUE and you are ready to shop.

STEP 3: At the left side of the window, you will find all your needs. Click on any that is to your liking and shop away.

As you can see, the products are categorized into separated properties, making it easier for you to look for the ones you need.

As you can see, you will be able to view the retail price as well as the promotional price. Therefore, you can shop the best priced items.

STEP 4: Once you have chosen your contact lenses of choice, you will be prompt to  select the power range and colour choice, if you are getting coloured lenses.
The page will show you all the information necessary for your purchases like the Power, Content, Usability, Price, and Quantity selection.

STEP 5: Done with your selection, click ADD TO CART.

STEP 6: Check your CART to ensure you purchase the correct items.
Click the 'Currently In Your Cart' and you will see the page 'What's In My Cart?'

You will be able to see the sub-total. Done with that, hit on CHECKOUT.

STEP 7: You will be prompted to insert your Delivery Information.

If you have a voucher that you redeem, remember to key them in. They even provide you the option of inserting additional request for your delivery. 

STEP 8: Click CONTINUE and you will be directed to the Payment Information page. Click the payment method desired and CONTINUE from there onward.

STEP 9: You will be directed to the CONFIRMATION page. Double check every details.
Your purchase total will be shown. 
FINAL STEP: Click CONFIRM ORDER and you are done! Voila!

You will get an email that provides you the shopping information almost immediately after confirmation. What I like about MrLens is that they will always update you the progress of your shopping via email.

Alternatively, you can also check your purchase information via the website by clicking My Account and you will be redirected to this webpage.


Shopping with MrLens Malaysia is no cryptic clue. It is super user friendly and fuss free.

I would definitely be purchasing my lens need via MrLens Malaysia in the future. The convenience is what I look for. They are very thoughtful to provide each customer with contact lens case to store the lenses.

OH! They even provide FREE SHIPPING for those in Klang Valley. 
You will be able to check if you are entitled to free shipping when you are confirming your address and payment.


My product was sent to me via Pos Laju as I am away in my campus.  They came in in good condition and properly sealed. I like how they packed the items into a ziplock bag prior to sealing it in the Pos Laju packaging.

They provided me with a contact lens case, which is good given that I have none with me right now. A printed invoice as well as promotional leaflet was included. Did you see the lollipop? Yeah! They sent that together.

I shall do a review on the lenses soon! 

Happy Shopping with MrLens Malaysia!

Special thanks to 
The Butterfly Project Malaysia

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