Monday, 21 April 2014

One Eventful Week - Passion Restaurant & Bar

How have your week been?

I know I have not been posting any blog entry off late as I have been occupied with tests and assignments. I managed to be back home for a week break before continuing my second half of my semester. The break was the best I have had in such a long time. One eventful week... Best of all, the Boyfie and our dear friends planned all of it!

I touched down in my hometown on Friday evening. Thanks to the dearest Boyfie, I did not have to travel by bus but instead comfortably in his car, with him. We had a wonderful get together with our friends at Passion Restaurant & Bar for some beer and good chats to start of my break.

Passion Restaurant & Bar

Photo Credit:
 Passion Restaurant n Bar 

Photo Credit: 
Passion Restaurant n Bar 


Located at Boulevard Bukit Tinggi One, Klang,
 those staying nearby will definitely see this place on their way to Tesco or Gorgeous Fitness Gym.

I would say this place has comfortable settings for a get together with friends. It is clean and never overcrowded. The arrangements of the place is clean and simple, which I like because why complicate stuffs, right =) They have both indoor and outdoor seating

What We Had
I did not take pictures of the beers so I source out. 

When we were there, they had the Happy Hour promo where you can get 
- 3 X 1 pint of Guinness Draught for RM56
- 3 X 1 pint of Kilkenny for RM60
Hence, we opted for these two seeing it was cheaper than ordering one at a time. There were five of us that night.To be honest, I have never been much of a beer drinker. So, this is the one time I had a pint of Kilkenny to myself. Kilkenny is easy to the throat and does not leave a burning sensation. The aroma of the beer does not put me off unlike some of the beer I have came across previously.

We ordered their in-house pizza too. I must say if you ever go to Passion, you must try their pizzas. Their freshly made, hot from the over thin crust pizzas are the bomb.

Lamb Pizza @ RM28.00

Photo Credit:
Passion Restaurant n Bar 

You can taste the lamb, herbs and spices with every bite. The crust is neither too crunchy nor too soft. Not to forget the cheese, generous amount of cheese but nothing overpowering the other elements of the pizza.

Ham & Bacon Pizza @ RM26.00

Anything with ham and bacon will definitely taste good, am I right?
The pizza was equally as awesome. You can definitely taste the ham and bacon in your mouth with every bite of the pizza. When the pizza arrived, the aroma is simply mouth watering. We finished this first although they two pizza arrived at the same time.


You might be thinking why am I not posting my own photo of the food. I want to but I just cannot seem to find them. My boyfriend cannot seem to locate them in his phone too although I remember very well taking them with his 'oh-so-canggih' phone. I will update them when I do find them. Promise!


Overall Thoughts

Service: The staffs are definitely very efficient in ensuring we get our orders in time. They constantly check to see if the customers have additional orders in between.

Price: The price of their food item is pretty steep but I would pay the price for the awesome tasting pizzas. 

Environment: It is comfortable and safe. No hanky panky going on. On Fridays, they have live band playing, so you can sit and enjoy the songs. The downside is that smoking customers still smoke while being inside of the restaurant. I dislike being a secondary smoker.


Will I Go Back?

I must say I would, for the pizzas. I have yet to try out the other stuffs they have on the menu.

Passion Restaurant & Bar
Located at
 41200 KLANG, 

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 12:00 - 00:00
Saturday - Sunday: 17:00 - 00:00
Food Styles:
Burgers, Diners, Pizza, Seafood, Tapas Bars

Visit their page for more:


P.S: This is not a paid post. I, personally went for a good time with my friends and thought I should share it with you.

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