Friday, 7 March 2014

NOVEXPERT Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour Review


In a blink of an eye, March came to us, leaving behind February.
Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful and loving February.

Let's talk about Dark Circles...

I bet a lot of you, ladies out there are like me, suffering from under eye dark circles and/or wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. I have had dark circles since I was 4 years old! So early right?! I read that dark circles can be due to genetics aside from the lack of sleep, staying up too late, or even constantly rubbing the eyes. 

Today, we will be exploring about NOVEXPERT Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour (15ml), courtesy of HiShop.

"NOVEXPERT was founded by researchers and doctors specializing in skin aging." 
The products are guaranteed: 

  • tested under dermatological control
  • hypoallergenic
  • 100% natural of origin
  • 0% preservatives 
As always, HiShop will ensure that the products are well wrapped to protect from any possible damages while being couriered.

All the information that you find in the literature of the product can also be found on the box, which I preferred as I tend to get lazy and not read the literature rather than the box.

The cream was light and non-greasy. It had slight shimmers to it (maybe it is just how I see it?). When the cream is pumped onto the hand, upon spreading it does have this pinkish tint, depending on the angle of the light hitting it. It reminded me of holographic nail polishes.

I tried very hard to capture the shimmers and holographic effects, but it is so hard~
This is after blending. Can you see the very light shimmer? 

I tried the cream out for a week to see how it will work on my skin. 

[WARNING: I have wrinkles and fine lines around my eyes. There are also some small oil seeds. It may not be a pretty sight. Be warned =P ]

I used this diligently for a week plus. I applied this daily in the morning and at night before going to sleep.
No editing is done to alter the results of the product. 
DAY 0: You can see the deep wrinkles as well as dark circles around my eyes. I also eye bags, sadly.
DAY 1: Not much of difference here.
DAY 8: My wrinkles lessen. The dark circles lightened too. 

What do I think about it?
  • Does what it promises.
  • Does not cause any allergy reactions. I have eczema, it is good that it does not cause any allergy reactions.
  • Does not have any weird scent.
  • Does not leave the skin feeling tacky.
  • It is rather pricey for a 15ml product.
  • Pump bottle dispenses a little too much at one pump.

Product Price: RM159.00 . HiShop is having a promo right now and you can get it at RM143.00 .

Overall, it is a very good product. However, for a student, it is beyond my capabilities to continuously purchase it. But for those who are already earning, I would say this is a good investment.


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Disclaimer: The product is provided by HiShop for review purposes. All opinions are solely based on honesty after using the product and in no way is affected by the sponsorship.


  1. Can see the signifcant difference. Just a little bit expensive.

    1. I agree! It does what it says but expensive. I can't get myself to pay that much.

    2. The product has its own target. Some people are willing to spend on this as it really works.