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Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner Review

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When I started using make up products 5 years ago, I started with eyeliners. The thing about me is that instead of trying out with pencil eyeliners first, I jumped straight to using liquid eyeliners. Down the road, I started using gel liners. I have used a few brands of liquid eyeliners and gel liners as well as read up many reviews.

What I look for in my eyeliners, be it liquid or gel or pencil are smudge proof , waterproof, long lasting, smooth application, and affordable. I have heard a lot about Miss Hana eyeliners especially the pencil gel liners. Therefore, I am proud to present to you my review of Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner!

This product promised to be waterproof, smudge proof, pigmented, smooth application, and long lasting - all of which are the qualities of the eyeliners one would want to look for.

Packaging          : Comes in a light pinkish box, decorated with lace details.
Weight               : 1.5g
Colours              : 01 Night Black, 02 Galaxy Black, 03 Choco Brown, 04 Golden Brown
Made in             : Taiwan
Price                  : RM 25.90 from Natta Cosme
Ingredients         : Cyclopentasiloxane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, (+/-) Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Tocopherol,                                            Polyethlene, Mica, Iron Oxides, Microcrystalline Wax, Methicone.

The eyeliners come in pencil forms although they are indeed gel eyeliners rather than the usual potted versions. The packaging of the products are definitely very feminine and I personally find it to be simple yet elegant. 

I will be reviewing two colours out the four which are 01 Night Black and 03 Choco Brown

The numbers shown are the equivalent of number of swatches per area.


How Did The Eyeliners Performed?
I performed several test to verify the claims:

Smudge Proof
The eyeliner did not budge even after rubbing it vigorously.

The eyeliners did not dissolve when came in contact with water.

Rub + Water Resistance
Even after rubbing vigorously while in contact with water, the eyeliners stayed put!



Colour Intensity
The eyeliners are definitely very pigmented and intense as expected of gel liners. I, personally prefer using black liners as I like my eyeliners to be really intense.

Staying Power
For a person with oily lids, the eyeliners did not budge at all. After 6 hours of having them on, they still did not budge. Staying power is definitely really good with these products. No reapplication needed throughout.

Texture and Application
The pencil gel liner glides on the lids very smoothly, just like how gel liners are supposed to. Application is a breeze with one swipe across the lid.

The price is affordable for a product that works well and delivers its promises. It is worth every penny spent for its quality.
For RM24.90 close to RM25, this product is not pocket friendly for frequent users. The need to sharpen it every now and then between application, it would not last a month for frequent users.

Since it is in a pencil form, it does not take up much space in the vanity bag. Bringing it along while on the go is definitely much convenient as compared to the typical potted gel liners.

AFTER THOUGHTS as of 02.04.2014
I have been using the pencil liners for a week on alternate days. When it is time to sharpen the pencils, I am NOT A HAPPY CHILD >< The pencils 'lead' keep breaking every time I sharpen them and I am left with half a pencil each and still cannot use them to draw my lines. I do not think I would repurchase just to waste it when I sharpen and still unusable.

AFTER THOUGHTS as of 17.05.2014
If I can find a foolproof way to sharpen the gel pencil eyeliners, I would consider repurchasing them for the pigmented and smudgeproof formulation.

I used 01 Night Black . I definitely love the intensity. 

Additional Information
  • Always remember to cap it after use to avoid it from being dried. 
  • It needs sharpening so you will need to get a sharpener that fits.
  • The liner tip is soft, so do not apply too much pressure when using. (I broke the tip of my Choco Brown liner when I first tried it. I applied too much pressure)
  • Never drop the liner as the pencil will break and you will not enjoy sharpening it just to find broken liners.

Where To Purchase?
Natta Cosme carries a range of authentic Miss Hana products
Natta Cosme Official Online Store:
Direct Link to MISS HANA products:

Natta Cosme is also on 

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Disclaimer: Product was sent by Natta Cosme for reviewing. However, my review is done with full honesty and is not affected by sponsorship.


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    1. Thank you! The product is good and I believe all girls would love it =D

  2. Wow. I've never try anything from miss hana before. Tempting! Thanks for such wonderful review.

    1. Hi! You're welcome! Maybe you can try the eyeliners since they are well-known for that. This was my first time trying out the eyeliners and I'm very happy with the quality.