Monday, 10 February 2014

Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Set Review

Chinese New Year is almost ending!
How have your celebrations been?

The weather is blistering hot today!

I'm sure everyone is having fun eating those delicious food while enjoying the company of friends and family. 
Like me, I'm also sure there are so many of us who stayed up late or busy gallivanting around.

Have you noticed that your skin is a little drier than usual after all the fun?
Do you feel like your skin is showing signs of fatigue?

If you answer is YES, then this might be something you'd need for your skin!

WARNING: Post laden with photos! =D

I received this parcel from Natta Cosme just before Chinese New Year begin, which I find it to be at the best timing ever!
The simple box packaging.
Product information the moment I opened up the box.

The toner is packed with bubble wrap. The box filled with the confetti that provides extra protection.
The mask was like a surprise hidden underneath all the confetti.

The description and instructions found behind the bottle.
A sturdy glass bottle with a pump nozzle.

What Are My Thoughts?

Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner (120ml)
Active Ingredients:
  • Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract: hydrates the skin and increases the metabolism to enable quick absorption
  • Hydrolyzed Pearls: brightens the skin tone and balances the pH value of skin
  • Glycoproteins: increases skin moisture level by 60% and maintains the moisture balance for up to 15hours
Smell: It had a very mild soapy scent. The scent does not linger long after application.
Colour: Colourless toner.
Texture: Runny liquid that is lightweight.

  1. The toner does not leave a tacky feeling upon application. 
  2. In order to tryout how well it does based on its hydrating and moisture balance claims, I decided to end my daily skin care routine with toning just for a day. I have sensitive combination skin. I can safely say that my skin was still supple and moisturized even after 6 hours being in a shopping mall.
  3. I have been using this toner for about two weeks now, both morning and evening. My skin feels more hydrated and moisturized. 
  4. As for the brightening effects, I am not too sure if does brighten up my skin. I am naturally tanned and often do outdoor activities.
This gets a 4.5/5
You can get this at Natta Cosme's website: 

Purifying and Hydrating Nano Mask (25g)
Active ingredients:
  • Hyaluronic acid & collagen: moisturizing agents that aids in smoothing the skin texture.
  • Ginkgo biloba & morus nigra leaf extracts; provides whitening effects.
  • Pearl powder with marine micro-elements: cool and calm skin, reduces wrinkles and increases moisture level.
Smell: It had a very mild soapy scent just like the toner.
Colour: Colourless essence.

Upon putting on the mask, I immediately felt the cooling sensation. I did not put the mask into the refrigerator prior using. The cooling sensation lasted till after I remove the mask, 15 minutes later. The skin was left feeling smooth and supple.

This gets a 5/5

You can get this at Natta Cosme's website:


Natta Cosme is having a promotion right now for this range. 
It comes in a set of a 150ml toner and a pack of 7pcs mask.
The set is priced at RM86.80

Natta's Website:

The products are provided by Natta Cosme. However, my reviews are done with pure honesty upon using and in no way are affected by the sponsorship.
Effect on skin are exclusively individualistic. 


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