Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Birthday Surprise!

Happy Birthday to me.. Happy Birthday to me..
Celebrated my birthday two Sundays ago!
Feeling very grown up.. Hehe!

Loving family, loving boyfriend, wonderful friends.. What more could I ever wish for?

I thought this birthday would be just like any other. I have never done anything fancy for my birthday. But, the boyfriend decided to make it different for me. Even my roommate decided to make my birthday different than before.

What happened?
Just before the clock strike 12 midnight (sounds like a Cinderella story?) to mark the start of Sunday, the boyfriend decided to have a round of online gaming with the friends. I didn't protest because he has been working hard the whole week and he deserves to unwind in his own way. Then, when the clock stroked 12 o'clock, the sister wished me first. The boyfriend seemed oblivious about the time which wasn't very fun for the birthday girl but I wasn't mad at him. 

When he was done, it was almost 12.30am and he decided to have a bath. I was a little sad because I thought he would remember that it's already my birthday. He came back to the room with a big present! I was so surprised! He came donning his ever so charming smile and gave me my birthday present. Immediately I teared - tears of joy, literally! He said that the gaming session was part of his plan to surprise me. Cheeky boy!

What was my present?
The present was really heavy and I kept on asking him what's in it. He refused to tell and just grinned all the time.

I unwrapped my present with sheer eagerness. 


BONITA New Arrival! The strap is removable so I can use it as a clutch too.  
He remembered I need a new a bag since my old one broke.

1. REVLON PhotoReady Primer, Shadow+Sparkle in Metropolitan
2. MAYBELLINE Lasting Drama Gel Liner in 01 Black
3. THE BODY SHOP Body Butter in
4. MAYBELLINE Lip Polish by Colour Sensational in Glam 07
5. MAYBELLINE Lip Polish in ETUDE HOUSE Perfect Brow Kit.
I have been mentioning that I need to go get a new tub of the body butter since I got the small tub. He was sweet enough to remember that too. The ETUDE HOUSE Perfect Brow Kit was a present from my roomie. Imagine how excited I was waking up in my room back at the hostel with the wrapped ETUDE HOUSE Perfect Brow Kit on  my study table!

Left: REVLON PhotoReady Primer, Shadow+Sparkle in Metropolitan
Right: ETUDE HOUSE Perfect Brow Kit

It looks like I have neutral palettes that I can play around with now!

Every minute from the moment I received the present from him, I was so surprised and touched. I couldn't stop myself from crying in joy. He was laughing at me saying I'm a silly girl for crying.

I am truly blessed to have such a thoughtful and loving man as my significant other.

P.S: I will post reviews of the products I got soon. Stay tune!

Till then,


  1. Wow nice birthday present! Happy belated birthday! Happy Chinese New Year!

    1. Yeap. He spoils me a lot! Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Holidays!

  2. awesome :) happy chinese new year!