Wednesday, 22 January 2014

COSANS Coffee: Private Event

Hola! I've been busy with my exams and boy, am I happy that I'm back home!

Bloggers were invited for a private event at a coffee house in Subang. This happened on 18th January, 2014.  

Coffee lovers! Read on~

COSANS Coffee is a coffee and sandwich bar which is located in the most busiest place in Subang, SS15 to be exact. It was established just last year. 

According to their CEO, they took less than three months to come up with the whole concept of COSANS. They worked long hours to bring this idea to life. COSANS brings about the meaning of Concept, Sense and Social Responsibility.

COSANS Coffee is a place that gives you the feeling of home comfort the moment you step foot in it. The smell of the fresh brew of coffee and the delicious looking food makes you feel like you're at home - imagine waking up on a Sunday morning where you can smell the coffee and perfect sandwiches served.

Can you see how cozy these chairs look? The interior design layout definitely makes you want to sit in whole day.

They have a selection of drinks to choose from - tea, coffee, fraps and yogurt drinks. I decided to try out two of their coffee. I wouldn't call myself a coffee expert but I enjoy having good coffee whenever I can. 

I think they arranged the food selections according to the guilt level. Haha..

This is where you can get freshly made sandwiches.

Fancy seeing how your cuppa is made?

This corner of the place is one corner every blogger had to stop and snap a pic of.
Photo credit: Yvone (

What I ordered? 


This was one of the hot drink that the barista had introduce to me. According to the friendly barista, this is their signature latte. When it is signature, I feel it definitely deserves a show.
Coffee art was one thing I didn't expect to see, to be honest.

How was my latte?
It had a balance between the coffee and the milk. The milk did not overpower the coffee. The texture of the latter was fairly smooth. It was not too sweet, which I like as I sometimes find my lattes too sweet. The unique thing I find about this latte is that it leaves a bitter after taste. That lingering taste was like an indication I had coffee. As for the coffee art, halfway through my latte, it was still intact and looked the same as freshly served. I was told that intact coffee art is an indication of good coffee art technique.
I'd rate this a 4/5

French Vanilla Latte 
(Regular-RM12 / Large-RM14)

I decided to try this latte because I was intrigued with the name - French Vanilla.

How was my latte?
It was a sweet latte. I didn't expect it to show such sweetness as compared to my first order of latte. I find that this latte had more milk taste to it. The latte had a sweet aroma to it. This latte however did leave a bitter after taste. The sweet aroma does linger a while. The coffee art also were intact all the way through. 
I'd rate this a 3.5/5


We were also served with two of the sandwich selections. I definitely love sandwiches. Mind you, their bread is yummy and so textured.

(The portions in the following pictures are for tasting purposes and do not reflect actual serving size. Price reflects on the whole sandwich.)

Asianese Roasted Chicken
Roasted chicken with coriander, lemongrass, shallots and mesclun(mixed vege for salads)
I personally enjoyed this sandwich. True to its name, it definitely represented the Asian side of the sandwich with its use of coriander, shallots and lemongrass. The use of chicken thigh gives you the tender juicy bite. The greens gave a little crunch to the bite.
I'd rate this a 4/5

Smoked Duckling
Smoked duck with melted mozzarella, confit tomatoes and arugula.
This sandwich has more flavour than the Asianese Chicken Sandwich. The duck is tender. Just like the other sandwich, I too like this. The arugula provided a crunch and flavour as arugula has its own distinct flavour. With the mozzarella, it adds a different dimension of flavour.
I'd rate this a 4/5

We get to watch a demo on how to coffee is made as well the explanation of the different beans and it's characteristic.
Photo credit: Yvone (

We were given a small cup containing the newly pressed coffee to sample. We had two different types. First was the Kenya AA beans which had a fruity scent and is slightly sourish. It also had a sourish after taste that lingered a while in your mouth. At first sip, it was such a complex taste that it took me a while to get a grip on how to word it. Second was the Ethiopian beans which had a more of strawberry scent to it. It was more sourish than the Kenya beans.


Did I mention that they will contribute their sales to charity?
As COSANS believed in social responsibility, they have a few benefactors. For full list, click here.


 So, get yourself there and experience the good coffee, delicious food and the comfortable ambiance. Full address at the end of this post. ;D
Photo credit to Emily ( Here are some of us who were there.

Group photo with some of the bloggers who were there too.

If you're there, try to spot our pics yeah =)
Photo credit: Yvone (

I was thrilled to have received these in my goodies bag. A little something for my tea time till I get myself there again for a second visit.

Personally, I really enjoyed the comfort they provided. The staffs were so friendly and you feel welcomed. Coffee is good. Food is good. As price goes, it is quite steep but then again, it is up to personal view of pricing.

Will I go again? YES! It is a definite place for me to hangout with friends in comfort.

To know more about COSANS Coffee:
Address: No.30 (Ground Floor), Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Opening Hours: Weekdays from 10am to 1am.
                         Weekends from 10am to 2am.


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  3. Cosy envinroment and nice coffees!

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