Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Birthday Surprise!

Happy Birthday to me.. Happy Birthday to me..
Celebrated my birthday two Sundays ago!
Feeling very grown up.. Hehe!

Loving family, loving boyfriend, wonderful friends.. What more could I ever wish for?

I thought this birthday would be just like any other. I have never done anything fancy for my birthday. But, the boyfriend decided to make it different for me. Even my roommate decided to make my birthday different than before.

What happened?
Just before the clock strike 12 midnight (sounds like a Cinderella story?) to mark the start of Sunday, the boyfriend decided to have a round of online gaming with the friends. I didn't protest because he has been working hard the whole week and he deserves to unwind in his own way. Then, when the clock stroked 12 o'clock, the sister wished me first. The boyfriend seemed oblivious about the time which wasn't very fun for the birthday girl but I wasn't mad at him. 

When he was done, it was almost 12.30am and he decided to have a bath. I was a little sad because I thought he would remember that it's already my birthday. He came back to the room with a big present! I was so surprised! He came donning his ever so charming smile and gave me my birthday present. Immediately I teared - tears of joy, literally! He said that the gaming session was part of his plan to surprise me. Cheeky boy!

What was my present?
The present was really heavy and I kept on asking him what's in it. He refused to tell and just grinned all the time.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

COSANS Coffee: Private Event

Hola! I've been busy with my exams and boy, am I happy that I'm back home!

Bloggers were invited for a private event at a coffee house in Subang. This happened on 18th January, 2014.  

Coffee lovers! Read on~

Friday, 10 January 2014

Online Beauty Store : MESMERIZE

Listen up beauty lovers! 

There's a new beauty online store in town! 

It is known as MESMERIZE

You know when you've seen all the rave about those international make up products and you itch to get them?

They can help.

'Mesmerize is an online store based in Malaysia. We deal in everything related to beauty; currently we have cosmetics, skin care and tools but we are going to introduce jewelry and clothing as well. We don't just have ready stock items but we also take pre-orders for many international brands opening the whole world of cosmetics for our customers. ' - Mesmerize

Friday, 3 January 2014

From Blogger to Blogger: Liebster Award


This was supposed to be the last 2013 post but by the time I finished this, it's already days since 2014 started.

I was nominated by my BFF, Yvone for this award known as LIEBSTER AWARD.

Weee... I'm so honoured.

Honestly speaking, I am merely writing what I thought of writing, sharing what I think people might relate to. My writing skills isn't that good as I'm still learning. 


It is an award given to those who Blog with less than 200 followers. It was said that this award started out in Germany and hence, LIEBSTER is a German word that means lovely, kindest, nicest and everything nice that we could find. In short, this award is for your 'Favourite Blogger'.

There's a set of rules for those who have been nominated, which are:
1. Write a blog post about the award.
2. Questions given by the blogger who nominated must be answered.
3. New set of 11 questions must be given to the new nominees.
4. Pick 11 new nominees and link them to your blog. (New nominees must be those with less than 200 followers)
5. No tagging back those who nominated you as the nominee.