Friday, 13 December 2013

Better Not Gift If It's Gonna Be Cheap???

I may be jovial and crazy most of the time but there are times when I'm at my weakest. I am human after all.

Here I am, trying to fall asleep since it's already 2 in the morning.  But, I just can't.  :'( 

My mind is troubled with something a friend said. In his defence, I did ask for his opinion and he gave one.

What happened? 

Well, just say that somehow I got lucky and I was given Zalora voucher worth RM50 to spend with no minimum purchase. My best friend suggested that I get something for the boyfriend. I did think of my mom and bro and myself before asking her for her opinion. 

Then, I remembered the bf needs a watch since his old one broke. I found two which I find simple and nice, costing less than RM100. I decided to ask a guy's opinion on which looked better. This guy friend is a mutual friend of me and the bf. So, you get where I'm going with this, right?

First, he said the first option was better. When he mentioned, "but he's already working", I couldn't see where he's going with it and I asked. He said that the bf have used more expensive watch than the one I intended to get and given that the bf is a working guy (just started his first real job), a watch costing less than RM100 won't do. 

My heart sank deeper than any ocean. I did tell him to ignore the pricing before showing the links. 

Honestly, I don't earn my own money just yet. Whatever I had when I did part time jobs prior entering uni, I used it for my own expenses as I study under PTPTN loan, which isn't much per semester. 

The guy friend told that I might as well get something of the bf's interest like gaming stuffs (which is way beyond what I can afford). 

So that's what happened.. and here on the bed, in my campus, I am thinking of what my friend told and trying to reason with myself.

Is it that bad that I'm not getting anything expensive for the bf? Is it better that I don't get anything at all for him if it's gonna be cheap? 

It's so nice to see people getting gifts for the one they love, all those fancy gifts. When I look at myself,  I can't afford any just yet and so, I thought for now, even if it's cheap, the thought that counts. 

After last night's chat with the guy friend, I found myself doubting my believe in "thoughts that counts" (as in cheap gift from me to a friend because I really wanted to give something but I can't afford fancy ones). I honestly don't mind getting cheap or even free gifts from my friend because really, thoughts that counts. 

Honestly, I still struggle with my own self, right now, as to the answers to the questions of :

 - Is it that bad that I'm not getting anything expensive for the bf?

- Is it better that I don't get anything at all for him if it's gonna be cheap? 

What would you do if you're in my shoes?


  1. your friend is such a bias !!
    1) he is not you, he wont understand your financial constraint
    2) IF your boyfriend is a materialistic guy then u can ask back ' what ut got from him as present before'
    3) present is just a present, cheap or expensive, the main point is : is it useful ??
    you wont hope to get a teddy bear as present if you are urgently need a specific thing (such as watch,phone case, camera etc.)

    personally speaking, i would ask my boyfriend what he wished to get and check out the price, i would tell him i can only afford half/ quarter of it, please top up by himself as i am just a student not a working adult (can't even buy myself good thing what about you ?!) lolll

    just opinion ~ good luck for you and remember than understanding is the rule to keep a relationship long

    1. Thanks for the wonderful opinion. What you said are true. I'm glad I'm not the only one with such thoughts about gifting.

  2. Have you thought about what your bf will think ?' Instead of keep mind-blowing yourself with others and other's opinion ... After all, it is for your bf not their bf.

    And if your bf do cares about the pricing then i dont think he is doing any good to you. *just my own opinion*

    from FrankieRoseUni

    1. Hi Uni FrankieRose Uni,

      I did have the same thought as you. It's just sometimes one tends to need reassurance that the thought is very much acceptable, especially during moment of weakness. =) Thanks for the thoughts! Appreciate it a lot

  3. sincerity is better. give something under ur budget. for sure ur bf will love ur gift :)

    1. Hi Miss Ika..

      Thanks for the reassuring thoughts. It does make me feel so much better knowing there are those who have the same thoughts. ;-)

  4. I don't think its about the money, as for me it's the thought that counts. I still remember the first time I bought my bf a metal watch was in chatuchak market, thailand and it only cost RM15 XD My bf still wears it everyday and it broke like 3-4 times, the repair cost is more than the watch. He knows its cheap and he always tease me with it but he stills keeps it even though now the watch it's beyond repairing :D Dont worry about this, just do what you think it's right. It's between you and your bf :)

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    1. Aww... That's so sweet. Thanks for sharing your story with me.

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah. So many told me the same, making me believe in my thoughts even more =)

  6. Cheer up, dear. Your bf will love whatever you get him. Just like how you will like no matter what he gets you right? :)

    1. Hey =) thanks. All cheered up now. Hopefully he'll like it.

    2. I'm glad he liked it! These are obstacles that pull your relationship stronger heh :) Btw, followed you because I really like your writing style! :)

    3. Hey! Thanks! He definitely loved it. He even said it was just what he needed. Thanks for following. Followed you back =D I'm glad my writing style is favoured by you. Still learning to write better.

  7. cheer up ( : if he is your boyfriend,he would understand your situation and accept the gift without any complaints~ sometimes you have to put yourself in your bf shoes too, if he gift you a cheap gift would you be happy for it? i think you would still be happy because all that matters is the heart ( :

    1. He loved it. Heeee... Definitely feel a lot better!