Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Beauty Bag from Le BFF

Hohoho.... Merry Christmas!!! 
I know it's already 30th of December(I started writing this), but hey! Christmas isn't over till we celebrate New Year!

After spending two Christmas-es in campus, away from home, I finally get to spend it at home for once! I have le BF to thank for this because he was in Mentakab for work purposes and he drove up all the way to Gambang, which is 136km apart to pick me up ( This is like halfway to KL's distance!).

It's a bliss to spend my Christmas with the family! Mommy was more than happy to have me home. In her words, she have someone to argue with (Yes! My mom loves to argue with me... I don't know why. We always have a good laugh at the end).

Other than family, it's always good to be back to see my dearest BFF, Yvone . We always have a good time together whenever I'm back. Sometimes we might just meet for a day of my total visit back home but it was full of love and laughter. 

This time around, she gotten me a surprise gift bag! I call it 'Von's Beauty Bag', especially curated for me! I must say, she's like a mind reader because every time she gets me something, it will be something that I want or really need. All more to proof how attentive she is whenever I rant or start going on and on or raving about anything! Yvone, dearest, I know you'll read this, YOU'RE THE BEST!

Now that I've done sharing and rambling about my joyful Christmas, let's see what is in 'Von's Beauty Bag'...


Item #1: L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl: Whitening Foundation Essence in N7
Taken from L'Oreal website

Left: The swatch.
Right: After blending.
The blended colour is an exact match to my facial skin tone. Yes, sadly I have different facial skin tone to my hand's skin tone.

Packaging: 30ml tube. Easily fit in my bag, needless for much storage area
Blending: Easily spreadable even with fingers.
Coverage: A pea sized amount suffice for medium even coverage.
Scent: Odourless (to my nose, that is).
Texture: Lightweight, allowing my skin to breathe.
Concealing properties: Light, suffice for minor acne marks and spots.
Staying power: Reasonable hours

It only comes with SPF17 PA++.

I personally like it very much for a person who have only started using makeups on regular basis. 

Item #2: Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Mousse
The packaging: A spray can.
Left: The darker shade of colour is the oxidized colour
Right: Before application, note the obvious colour of my vains and my skin texture.
Bottom centre: After blending.

Coverage: A pea sized amount suffice for medium even coverage.
Scent: Odourless (to my nose, that is)
Concealing properties: Medium, allowing dark circles to be less visible (unless you have really dark dark cirlces).
Texture: Matte
Sun Protection: SPF 30 PA+++
Colour options: One shade only. It supposed to match your skin tone (Kinda reminds me of CC Cream)

Blending: There's a need to rush with blending as the formula oxidizes very fast. If you don't blend it well, the colour will not match the skin colour. It also takes time to blend it properly.
Packaging: The spray can is rather huge, taking up space for storage in my closet and bag.
Dispensing: Troublesome dispensing, it is hard to get the correct amount you need. As seen in the pic above, I ended up with so much on my hand. Wastage!
Staying power: With just a little sweat/water contact, it runs. Reapplication is definitely necessary.
Texture: It leaves my skin feeling rather dry, which I dislike. 

I will not think of getting this again.  I dislike wasting my products. I also dislike needing to rush.

Item #3: L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro 05 Icy Purple
Left: The back of the palette with instructional labelled pictorial.
Right: The colour palette with 3 complimentary colours and 1 highlighters.

Colours are swatched from left to right according
to order of application as in pictorial.
Pigmentation: It is really pigmented.
Texture: Smooth powdery feel.
Colour: Intensity is build-able , the shimmer is light and easy to the eyes. The glitters are fine and not chunky at all, which I like.
Staying power: The colours do last for few hours. Colour do not run/smudge much when I rubbed my finger over each colours except the highlighter shimmer.
Application: It can be applied very easily as the colours glides on the skin. Application can be done with tools or bare fingers.
Packaging: The applicators fit snugly that it doesn't fall off upon opening the palette. No risk of losing it when on the go. It's small enough to bring along in my bag. The box is rather sturdy.

  • Highlighter shimmer colour runs/smudges very easily. The glitter pieces are rather chunky, which I dislike. It is not really build-able  no matter how many times I applied.
  • It does not come with a mirror that is large enough.
  • I like the formula pretty well except for the highlighter shimmer. 
  • The colour choice however is rather intimidating for me as I am new with make up and I have dark circles. My inexperience with colours will end up making me looking like someone punched my eyes.
  • I would definitely try other colours when I can get my hands on them.

Item#4: Maybelline Angel Fit Blush in Wooden Rose

Left top and bottom: The picture shows the colours of the actual product the closest.
I had to tweak with the photos as the original ones were too dark to prove justice to the product.
Better picture available at http://justbeingvon.blogspot.com/2013/12/makeup-bobbi-browns-bellini-lip-eye.html

Pigmentation: It is really pigmented.
Texture: Smooth powdery feel.
Colour: Intensity is build-able. It leaves a natural matte blush to the cheeks.
Staying power: The blush do last for few hours. Colour do not run/smudge much when I rubbed my finger over the blush.
Application: It can be applied very easily as the blush glides on the skin. Application can be done with tools or bare fingers.
Packaging: The applicators fit snugly that it doesn't fall off upon opening the palette. No risk of losing it when on the go. It's small enough to bring along in my bag. The box is rather sturdy.

None I could think of.

  • The blush leaves a natural colour on the cheeks. 
  • The smoothness is so nice to the touch I keep wanting to play with it. (I'm weird.. Hahah!)
  • I would definitely get this again.

Item #5 and #6: Bow Hair Band and Pink Faux Leather Studded Bracelet
A cute hair band with bow to make me look cute while the studded bracelet adds a little rocker chick to my outfit.

Honestly. she is awesome! 

I did want to get more colours for my eyes and she got me the palette. I wanted to get new BB Creams/CC Creams because my current one is finishing and she got me two kinds to play with. I do not own a single blush colour, she covered that too!!

YAY! Definitely more stuffs to glam up my look whenever I am going out for a date or casual day out with friends and family.

Till later on,

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