Tuesday, 31 December 2013

From Youth to Youths: YouthsToday.com



KUALA LUMPUR, 10 SEPTEMBER 2013 - YToday Sdn Bhd is launching Malaysia’s first online youth engagement and rewarding website – YouthsToday.com – for event organizers, youths and brands at www.youthstoday.com on the KFC Youth Jam 2013 event by 13th October 2013 (10 a.m – 6 p.m) at Sunway University.

The objective of launching the website on the KFC Youth Jam 2013 is for the public to explore the functionality of www.youthstoday.com and an invitation to create a difference for the young community. This new website with more than 10,000 youth members currently, serves as a platform for event organizers, youths and brands to feature their campaigns and events to gain high exposure and visibility It is also invented in a way for brands to carry out the marketing campaigns and advertise their products and services targeting the youth market. On the other hand, participants will be rewarded for attending the events organized by the organizers with the points. Upon collections of points, the participants get to exchange rewards from the brands, thus, the point system serves as a motivation for especially the young people to achieve more and better.

The KFC Youth Jam 2013 will feature events organized by the youth using the platform provided on YouthsToday.com, the events are KFC Big Eat Contest, Incitement Talks, Running Man Hunt, Entrepreneur Challenge, Book for Thoughts, Talent Search and Speed Video Competition. Thousands of points sponsored by the brands will be given out to the public to redeem.

“It is an entire ecosystem that supports the development of young people to be able to organize more events and have their projects funded and supported. The company believes that events are the best youth development tool for youths to enhance their creativity, networking skills, communication skills and management skills. It bridges the gap and provides more opportunity for youths to gain excess to national events and experiences like never before. The company also urges and welcomes event organizers to feature their events in YouthsToday.com,” says the 23-year-old young entrepreneur Jazz Tan Yee Mei, CEO of YToday Sdn Bhd.

YToday Sdn Bhd is forging strong partnerships with heavyweight brands such as KFC, Maxis Telecommunication, Sunway Group, Groupon, Bloomberg, Himalaya, Chatime Malaysia, Entrepreneur Organization (Malaysia Chapter), Redbox Malaysia, SCOPE, KKBOX, British Council, FlyFM, 8TV and Media Prima Group to support this mega event. 

About YToday Sdn Bhd

Beauty Bag from Le BFF

Hohoho.... Merry Christmas!!! 
I know it's already 30th of December(I started writing this), but hey! Christmas isn't over till we celebrate New Year!

After spending two Christmas-es in campus, away from home, I finally get to spend it at home for once! I have le BF to thank for this because he was in Mentakab for work purposes and he drove up all the way to Gambang, which is 136km apart to pick me up ( This is like halfway to KL's distance!).

It's a bliss to spend my Christmas with the family! Mommy was more than happy to have me home. In her words, she have someone to argue with (Yes! My mom loves to argue with me... I don't know why. We always have a good laugh at the end).

Other than family, it's always good to be back to see my dearest BFF, Yvone . We always have a good time together whenever I'm back. Sometimes we might just meet for a day of my total visit back home but it was full of love and laughter. 

This time around, she gotten me a surprise gift bag! I call it 'Von's Beauty Bag', especially curated for me! I must say, she's like a mind reader because every time she gets me something, it will be something that I want or really need. All more to proof how attentive she is whenever I rant or start going on and on or raving about anything! Yvone, dearest, I know you'll read this, YOU'RE THE BEST!

Now that I've done sharing and rambling about my joyful Christmas, let's see what is in 'Von's Beauty Bag'...

Friday, 13 December 2013

Better Not Gift If It's Gonna Be Cheap???

I may be jovial and crazy most of the time but there are times when I'm at my weakest. I am human after all.

Here I am, trying to fall asleep since it's already 2 in the morning.  But, I just can't.  :'( 

My mind is troubled with something a friend said. In his defence, I did ask for his opinion and he gave one.

What happened? 

Well, just say that somehow I got lucky and I was given Zalora voucher worth RM50 to spend with no minimum purchase. My best friend suggested that I get something for the boyfriend. I did think of my mom and bro and myself before asking her for her opinion. 

Then, I remembered the bf needs a watch since his old one broke. I found two which I find simple and nice, costing less than RM100. I decided to ask a guy's opinion on which looked better. This guy friend is a mutual friend of me and the bf. So, you get where I'm going with this, right?

First, he said the first option was better. When he mentioned, "but he's already working", I couldn't see where he's going with it and I asked. He said that the bf have used more expensive watch than the one I intended to get and given that the bf is a working guy (just started his first real job), a watch costing less than RM100 won't do. 

My heart sank deeper than any ocean. I did tell him to ignore the pricing before showing the links. 

Honestly, I don't earn my own money just yet. Whatever I had when I did part time jobs prior entering uni, I used it for my own expenses as I study under PTPTN loan, which isn't much per semester. 

The guy friend told that I might as well get something of the bf's interest like gaming stuffs (which is way beyond what I can afford). 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Help The Typhoon Victims in Philippines with Natta Cosme

I'm sure by now everyone would have heard of the typhoon that hit the Philippines on 8th November 2013. It was reported to be the strongest typhoon ever with a maximum speed of 315km/h. Can you imagine how fast and strong is that?! Many were left with next to nothing and many have lost their lives. The tragedy left families and hearts broken, grieving their lost. Victims have to live with the tragic memories. 

The Butterfly Project Malaysia brought to light about the efforts by Natta Cosme in their latest post on their Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia

In the spirit of giving and to aid these victims, Natta Cosme is having a special Charity drive.