Thursday, 28 November 2013

Santa Hermo, Grant My Little Wishlist.. Please..

You better watch out, 
you better not cry,
you better not pout,
I'm telling you why,
Santa Hermo is coming to town.... 

Ho ho ho...

It's almost December and it's Christmas season every corner we look at!

Sadly, I won't be home for Christmas for the third year this year... =(

Not being home meaning I won't be getting any Christmas presents unless someone out there would like to send a present to me =D

I'm sure someone out there is feeling the same way I do about not being home with the family and friends for Christmas... The food.. The joy and laughter... OMG!

But fret not (while saying to myself as well)
HERMO is playing Santa Hermo this year!

Santa Hermo! Santa Hermo!
Dear Santa Hermo, I hope you'll read this letter of mine: is making Christmas this year even more sweeter especially since it's the seasons of giving. They are having their special Christmas sale, so everyone out there will have choices of Christmas gifts at a reasonable price.

Head on down to now to start shopping!

If you're thinking how to join in the Wishlist entourage, here's how:

  1. Go to Hermo's website, just click
  2. Create yourself an account. Click
  3. Fill in your details and start making your wishlist of products of grand total RM80. Be sure to make Santa Hermo notice your wishlist. Be creative =)
  4. Blog about it and submit your entries into the Rafflecopter app in The Butterfly Project Malaysia Facebook page or at the founder's blog post : 
Wishing period from now till 14 December 2013.
Santa Hermo will granting wishes from 17 - 24 December 2013.

Credits: The Butterfly Project Malaysia

This project is brought to you by Hermo Malaysia and The Butterfly Project Malaysia. 

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