Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Look Into My Win: Wonderbox October Issue!

How time flies and it's already mid November. Every corners we turn to we see Christmas decorations ever so shinning and glittering. We're lucky to be in Malaysia, where all of us enjoy and take part in every festivities we have!

Let's get back to the topic, shall we?

Honestly speaking, I never had any luck in winning any lucky draws in my life as a teenager. Any day up, I would just give it a shot for the heck of it thinking I have nothing to lose anyhow. When I came across a blog by Koey Leow, she was having her ♥ Wonderbox October Edition Giveaway!! and I obviously gave it shot. The reason I gave it shot was because I saw what was in the box.

Diligently doing the necessary requirements she have posted up, then the big day came when she ended her giveaway. I was busy so I hadn't scroll through her blog to follow up but I was constantly hoping my phone will ring with an email saying I won. Then, I got the news - I WON! 


I shall share with you my win.

She even included a handwritten note =)

Here's the contents
As you can see, there are 4 distinctive brands of items in the box:

  • Neutrogena AGELESS Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Essence(Full-sized)
  • Bio-Essence - 3 different products of the same range(Travel size)
  • Bloop Nail Wraps
  • RA8 Face Cream
We shall look at each of it individually aite =D

1. Neutrogena AGELESS Anti-Wrinkle&Firming Essence (Full-sized)
This product is one of the reasons why I wanted to win this box. 

I like anything that comes in a pump bottle. I find it easy to administer the amount I need without the chance of contaminating the whole content. The essence is a opaque and thick when pumped to the hand. However, upon spreading it, it feels light and it is absorbed rather quickly into the skin. It has a mild scent which is good because my nose is very sensitive to smell. Mommy was also interested in trying this out. Double the fun!

2. Bio-Essence - 3 different products of the same range(Travel size)
Bio-Essence Nourishing Foamy Cleanser 
Bio-Essence Youth Essence 
Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream 

These products are also anti-aging products. I have yet to try them as I have few items to finish up first.

3. RA8 Renewal Skin Creme (sample size)
I have not heard of this brand before. A little search on Google and here's what it says. I doubt I'd be using this as I have allergy to the ingredients used to make this creme.

4. Bloop Nail It
Nail wraps! Been wanting to try this stuff and here it is! Soon~

The skin care products are all anti-aging products. Surely you'll be wondering why would I be interested in anti-aging products for someone who is in her early 20's. I do actually need them seeing that I already have fine lines around my eyes. I am always exposed to sunlight which causes aging of the skin. With my active lifestyle and constantly being outdoors, you have no idea how fast my skin is aging. Not only that, being a student, I'm surrounded by stress and the lack of sleep - recipe for early aging. Hence, all the reasons I need anti-aging products on top of nourishment required for healthy and youthful looking skin.

Winning this giveaway allows me to be able to tryout the products to ensure that they are compatible to my demanding skin and I have eczema to make things harder. Many a times I get myself new products but only to find them not suitable for me -  either it will cause my skin to breakout or feels as dry as the dessert if not worse like peeling and redness.

I shall try them and see how it goes!

Till then, 

P.S: Do let me know if you have tried any of these. Would love to hear from you



    1. Hey! Thank you for the gift! It's like an early Christmas present to pamper myself. hehe... Handwriting is an art and no art is ugly. =D