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Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics Review

Hey there! How has the weekend started off for you so far? I'm just glad the weekend is here!!

I received HiShop's parcel last week and I'm so excited when I took it that I had to open it while in class.

Let's see what is in it. ;)

I have not heard of this brand before so, I must say I am uber excited to try this brand: CAROL PRIEST

Let's get to know Carol Priest:
Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics started out as a small family company in New Zealand in the year 1991 which specializes in herbal skin care products. They have been around for 22 years. They hand produce their products in small batches to ensure that every product remains fresh and retains its beneficial properties. 

Here's the highlight: 
They do not use mineral oils but instead, they use oils and emulsifiers extracted from plants. Every ingredients used are all natural: natural fragrances from unadulterated (pure) essential oils. 

Conclusion: All natural products!

As you can see, HiShop have provided me with three products from the Damask Rose Series for 3-step facial care regime to try and review on. We'll get to it immediately.

Step 1: Rose & Almond Oil Cleansing Cream
Skin type: Normal and Combination

What is it: It is a traditional rose, almond oil and beeswax cleanser that is water-rinseable. It can emulsify    
 make-up and impurities. The pure essential oil contained in it provides soothing and cooling sensation, promoting clear complexion.

Active ingredients: Prunus Amygladus Dulcis(Sweet Almond Oil), RosmarinusOfficinalis(Rosemary) leaf extract, Rosa Centifolia Flower Oil
Instructions of use:
  1. In order to benefit it maximally, the skin must be clean and free from all traces of impurities.
  2. Make a warm compress with a clean wash cloth, apply firmly to the face and neck areas for a few minutes. This helps aromatic and plant oils dissolves and soften skin waste.
  3. Apply small quantity to the face and neck and massage in circular motions with enough water to produce creamy lather.
  4. Rinse with water or remove with warm damp cloth then rinse.

My verdict
Texture: Creamy and easily spreadable, on dry skin.
Scent    : Buttery with a hint of rose
Lather  : Without water, it is nice and creamy. With enough water, it produces creamy lather, not foamy. 
Rinsing : With normal temperature tap water, it rinses off very well with slight oily-silky feel to skin. Rinsing with warm water removes it completely, skin will feel smooth minus the oily feel. I prefer washing with normal temperature water.
After  6 days of using this, my skin does feel more supple and I can't help but to keep feeling my skin *grins*
My like     : The creamy lather and it leaves my skin feeling supple. I only need a small dollop of 10cents coin for my entire face.
My dislike: It is pretty tedious. I don't fancy the buttery scent.
My rating: 7/10
Price: RM129.00 for 50g / RM60.00 for 15g

Step 2 : Damask Rose Toner
Skin type: Sensitive, Dry and Mature

What is it: An exceptionally mild and hydrating toner which helps restore moisture and improve skin texture. The damask rose species Rosa Damascena is used for its deep sweet tenacious rosy perfume and tonifying properties.
It can be used anytime as needed by spraying onto face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

Active ingredients: Distilled water(Aqua), Rosa Damascena Flower  Oil
Instruction of use:
  1. Saturate a cotton pad with about 5ml of toner.
  2. Gently apply to a cleansed, damp face and neck.
  3. Leave to dry.

My verdict
Texture: Watery, slippery to the touch
Scent    : Fresh rose scent that is very strong.
Use       : As easy as any toner would. It dries really fast compared to my current toner.
The skin does not feel tacky/sticky. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and fragrant.
My like     : I love the scent and the fact that it dries fast, leaving my skin feeling smooth.
My dislike: Nothing! YAY!
My rating: 10/10
Price: RM139.00 for 100ml

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Step 3: Rosa Damascena Intensive Serum - Intensive and Organic
Skin type: Mature dehydrated skin types

What is it: Genuine pure essential oil of Rosa Damascena that has been blended into certified Jojoba Oil to promote the healthy growth of new skin cells and to moisturize and soften mature dehydrated skin tissue.
Can be left overnight as an intensive treatment.

Active ingredients:Rosa Damascena essential oil, Jojoba Oil
Instruction of use: Massage a small amount using orbital motion into face and neck until absorbed.

My verdict
Texture: Smooth oily feel

Scent    : A very strong rose scent
Use       : Easy as applying moisturizer. 
My like     : I love the scent and the fact that it it absorbed relatively fast. Only about 4 drops needed for whole face and neck. The dropper idea is good! 
My dislike: Nothing! YAY!
My rating: 10/10
Price: RM270.00 for 10ml

My Conclusion:

For a person with eczema and highly demanding skin, this product works fine with skin for the past one week. I have been using these products for one week now. My skin feels evenly smooth and supple. I don't feel any excess oiliness when I wake up. The skin feels moisturized and hydrated. 

  • Product is not suitable for pregnant woman
  • Upon opening, must be used within 6 months

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The products are sponsored by HiShop. However, my reviews are done with pure honesty upon using and in no way are affected by the sponsorship.
Effect on skin are exclusively individualistic. 

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