Friday, 18 October 2013

Port Dickson - A Quick Getaway

It's been a long time since I've been for a getaway and it couldn't have came any sooner, all thanks to le Boyfriend.  

So hear's a super quick post with pics just to show how clean Port Dickson has become.

I have heard of Port Dickson for being a place where you might not want to swim in or walk at. Technically, I wasn't expecting much. 

But, I was wrong. I was welcomed by the beautiful view of the jetty by the side of a stall that we stopped by for a drink. 

We checked in the Bayu Beach Resort on the 12th of October, 2013. We had a duplex unit. The unit had the following:
  • Three rooms with confortable queen beds, three door closets with dressing tables
  • The whole unit is air-conditioned
  • Two 42' Sony flat screen TV's with Astro decoders each - one for the main hall, one at top floor
  • The top floor had a balcony that faces the sea
  • Fully furnished hall
  • The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary items for cooking
The second room at the lower floor that faces the sea. 

Just to show you the three door closet they have in each room. 

I find this staircase to be quite a cute way to connect to the top floor

The view from the second room's windows

The beach wasn't as dirty as I had imagined. Yes, I have not been to Port Dickson before till we had our little getaway.

 The pictures below were taken when we went for an evening stroll on the beach.

The beach looks clean. 

The water... I so wanna dive in..

The view just before sunset

The breeze was all so cooling and relaxing. After the stroll, we went around P.D and stopped by the night market they had there. 

It was just a short getaway but it was good enough for some relaxation and a change of scenery.

With love, 

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