Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My NIVEA obsession!

Is it just me or is the weather hot as an oven? I feel like I am melting away even when I'm in the indoors..

Yesterday was definitely the busiest Monday (on top of the usual Monday blues we all get) I've ever had in this semester - three meetings back-to-back! 

So, it's time for me to unwind before hitting my assignments again. 

When I opened my closet yesterday, I realized I have purchased a number of NIVEA products. In the past, I only had one product from NIVEA but now, I have four of them! I think it's a lot comparatively.. 

Let's see~

Here's what I have from the NIVEA range: 
  • Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect Body Milk: 50X Vitamin C
  • Body Whitening Night Serum
  • NIVEA Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection: SPF 50 PA++
  • Whitening Happy Shave Antiperspirant

NIVEA Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect Body Milk: 50X Vitamin C
I started using this body lotion two years ago. My skin was really dry, so when I saw this on promotion, I grabbed it and gave it a shot. I must say, it works really well with my skin. 
I love it because:
  • It really moisturizes my skin
  • It healed my stubborn scars
  • It smells good
400ml retails at RM19+

NIVEA Body Whitening Night Serum
This was a PWP when I bought the body lotion. It smells really good and calming, definitely suitable to be used when you're about to head to bed. About the effects, I can't really tell yet as I've only used this for less than a week.
I love it because:
  • It keeps my skin moisturized as I sleep
  • It smells calming and relaxing
200ml retails at RM19+

NIVEA Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection: SPF 50 PA++
I was looking for body sunscreen seeing that I have to walk around the campus for my classes. My friend told me that this is pretty good.
I like it because:

  • It doesn't feel sticky on my skin
  • It has anti-aging property
  • It dries almost immediately so no need to sit and wait
  • It smells good without those sunscreen-y smell
125ml retails at RM33+

NIVEA Whitening Happy Shave Antiperspirant
I'm sure I won't be the only person in this world that surfers from dark underarms from constant shaving. Right?? Anyway, this antiperspirant supposedly to help with the cell growth and hence, repairs the damages done by constant shavings as well as whitens them.
I love it because:

  • It really works as it should
  • Underarms are whiten after two weeks of use
  • It smells good
50ml retails at RM7+

All the products are affordable, does not leave the skin feeling oily and are easily found in supermarkets and stores.

I love all the NIVEA products in my closet. They work as they should. They smell good.

End of my obsession confession!


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  1. Thank you for making me feel less obsessive! I've got 3 bottles of Nivea body lotion on my table too! And their deodorant. And their moisturiser. I need to stop!
    But I'm definitely going to try out the Happy Shave!

    1. Haha... Glad to be of help! Looks like we're in the same bandwagon with NIVEA products. Give it a try with the Happy Shave and let me know if it works for you. =D