Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bad Customer Service Experience

In the customer service field, it is very important to ensure that every customers leaves the place happy and satisfied. But, honestly I often find this experience lacking in where I'm studying.Today itself, I have had three bad customer service experience.

Experience #1
This morning, I went to the hostel office to retrieve a parcel along with my friend. We both had a parcel to retrieve each. The process of retrieving required us to provide our student card, so we both gave ours at the same. We assumed that the staff would appreciate the fact that she can save from having to make another trip to the back of the office to retrieve our parcels. 

Instead of doing what we thought she would, this was what we got:
Us: Here's our student card *with smiles*
Staff 1 : One at a time *with no expression*
Staff 2 : One at a time. We only have one pair of eyes each, we don't have eyes all around our heads. We can't look everywhere for both your parcels. *with an irritated face and a dissatisfied voice*

Staff 1 took my friend's card and went behind while Staff 2 sat at the counter playing with her phone.
Staff 1 came back and left the parcel on the table and proceeded to retrieve mine after taking my card.

We were bewildered by the way they reason of retrieving parcels one by one. How hard is it to take both the cards, search for one, then search for the other and bring both to the front at one go? Wouldn't that save the number of times one has to go to the back?

Experience #2
At around 4.30pm, I went to the university administrative counter regarding some items we wanted to borrow from the department. We were welcomed by the fact that the item we wanted isn't available. I told the staff there that when I submitted the form last week, the staff told that they will call me if in case the item isn't available and to come back on Tuesday to take it. Then, I also stated that I received no calls at all that the item of interest isn't available.

I was lucky that the staff-in-charge for today was very nice to me that he called other departments to make arrangements for me to get a replacement item. 

Experience #3: The worse by far!
We have a convenient store in our hostel area that sells items like Maggi Instant Noodle for a pack of 5 at RM5.00. Their items are priced significantly higher than the usual market price.

I was there at 8.00pm to get a document photocopied. I only realized that 1/4 part of it wasn't even there after I left the store, at around 8.30pm. Then, I went back at 9.00pm.

Below was what we said to each other:
Me: I came by just now and photocopied this *shows my document while smiling* and part of it is missing. 
Staff: I can make another copy for you but if the result is still the same, you have to pay for it *with an angry face and annoyed voice*

We proceeded to the machine and she was gonna make a copy. I asked her if she rotated the document in any angle probably the document can be photocopied completely. She made a mistake and threw the paper angrily to the floor. Whoa! Speaking of temper in front of a customer. She tried again and got it right. I was going to leave when she said I have to pay for it.

Me: It's not my mistake and I have to pay for it? *with a surprised voice but not rudely*
Staff: Yeah, of course. Other students came and photocopied some similar ones and the same happened, I showed them and they didn't say anything about it. So, you have to pay. *with demanding voice*

I was totally taken by surprise. She made the initial copy and it was distorted but I have to pay to get the perfect copy which they should provide since it's their fault.

But to be honest, I don't mind paying but it was her attitude that made me feel dissatisfied. She showed an angry face all the while I was being nice.

All she was doing behind the counter before I had to ask her to photocopy my stuff: playing with her phone. 

This store has a track record of being rude to customers and overpriced items.

What I don't get also is that just because other customer do not complain about the missing part of the documents, I have to be okay with it??? Really??

Mannn.. Today must be a 'wonderful' day for me, having to experience such lousy customer service from within my own campus. They treat students as if we owe them a life or something. It's like we have kiss their asses to get things done properly.


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