Monday, 30 September 2013

THE FACE SHOP - Black Sugar Scrub

The Face Shop is having their 10th Anniversary Sales!
I cannot refrain myself from visiting their outlets whenever I hear of sales.
I started off with their nail polish and moved on to skin care.

Last Thursday, I needed to get myself a new tube/tub of facial scrub since my St. Ives' tube is practically finishing. So, I happily walked into The Face Shop, Kuantan outlet. I really like the new outlook of the place- so fresh and clean. I did go back to campus a happy girl. =D

THE FACE SHOP Black Sugar Scrub
'A peeling scrub that contains honey black sugar which gives the skin warmth and removes dead skin cells effectively'
THE FACE SHOP - Black Sugar Face  Scrub

Retail Price: RM39.90

Volume     : 120ml

Directions of use:
Apply adequate amount onto the face and massage for 1-2minutes, wash off with warm water, once or twice a week.

When I sampled this, the sugar granules were very fine, unlike what I've used before which had large beads. The scrub has a caramel-like colour, texture and scent. Well, caramel is one of the ingredients in it along with 120mg of honey and papaya extract.

Honestly, the smell of it really tempts you to give it a taste but please, refrain yourself from doing it at all cost!

When I used it, I find that the granules aren't as harsh on the skin as compared to those with large grains/beads. As it is made of sugar, the sugar grains will eventually dissolve.

Upon washing off with plain tap water, I find my face to feel rather sticky. Then, I used warm water to rinse again, I feel so much better. The skin does feel smoother and more radiant without the dryness.

I'd rate this a 4/5

Why I like it: 

  • Gentle to the skin
  • Works as it should
  • Affordable 
I'll rate it better if:
  • It has flowery/mint scent
  • Washable with plain tap water instead of hot water

Oh! Before I forget, I got some goodies with my purchase.
The total purchase was RM80.80 together with my friend's item, so they gave me these:

  • Real Nature Mask Raspberry - 1 piece
  • Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream - 2 sample sachet
  • THE FACE SHOP 10th Anniversary Box of Cotton Pads - 1 box
  • The Face Shop membership (I wasn't a member till just then )
I will blog about them in detail in my next post! 

Thanks for reading!


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