Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cheating in A Relationship

Do you know anyone who had cheated his/her partner or got cheated by his/her partner? By partner, I meant girlfriend/boyfriend.

Of late, I came across numerous confession posts (Yes, I am guilty of reading those confession pages like Taylor's Confession Page, UCSI Confession Page etc...) that talked about people cheating on their partners.

There was one that captured my attention :

What fathoms my attention was that how could a girl who is showered with trips, luxurious items etc by the boyfriend, could still cheat on him?!

From what was written, she looks at how much the guy could spend on and for her. But, even with a boyfriend that could spend all his money on her, she still cheated on him. This is by far the best mind-boggling thing I have ever came across.

I am bewildered at what would the best reason(s) as to why one would want/could cheat on his/her partner. Even if one was to treat you badly, it still doesn't warrant you to cheat on him. If people blames it on bad relationship as to being the reason they cheated on their partner, what reason could it be for those with a good relationship?

In such situation, who would be the party to be explaining themselves? The guy? The girl? The person she cheated with?

I found myself wondering, what would happen if the partner were to find out that she is cheating on him. Would he forgive her and still be with her? Or would he end things with her?

Would you cheat on your partner?

If your partner cheated on you, what would you do?

What and how far would you do to help your friend who is cheating or the one who got cheated on?

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