Sunday, 2 June 2013

Being Far From Home

Have any of you, out there, ever stayed more than a week far from home? Be it for studies or work?

I am four hours away from home. No, MAKE THAT FIVE!, including that ride from the central bus station in my hometown, all the way right to the doorstep of my humble home. 

All my life, I have had my fair shares of travelling to places within or out of state for my tournaments or camping since I was in high school, beginning from my age of 13 (a.k.a Form 1). I was an active child in extra curricular activities, all thanks to my Dad who have brought me up to love the outdoors and participation. But, usually all those travelling would just render me being away from home for a maximum a week or so. Unlike studying in a university, which renders me staying all on my own, five hours away from home for almost four months.

Honest to God, when they sent me the notification that I have been accepted to my current university, all the way in Pahang, I was not that thrilled. Reason being, my friends who are seniors in that campus have given a fair amount of information as how dreadful it can be. It wasn't really because I have to be far from home and the people I love. There's always technology to help me keep in touch with them.

Now that I'm here, for two years now, I would say the dreadfulness from what my friends have told me isn't as bad as not being able to be with my loved ones. I could live with the awful food they serve here in the cafeteria - salty, full of sugar, layers of fats and oil ( I swear if there is a visit by those health conscious chefs, the ones we watch on TV shows, they will scream in fright and run away). I could live the lack of entertainment - the town is an hour away. I could live with not having my own car. But, being away from home is something I need to learn to live with.

I know, you will say that there are those who live miles and miles away that they have to take flights just to get home. There is without doubt, there are those who only get to be home with their family once every few years. But then, everyone have their own experience and ways of looking at it.

Me being far from home, has made me see even more how the loved ones made a hell lot of difference in my life. Being able to see them, hold them, and have moments with them every single day are the best thing we all could ever want. I miss them more as the days passes by. When I am in doubts, they are there within inches to talk to or to hear me out. Phone calls and text messages aren't enough in comparison to the wanting of being in their presence.

However, being on my own isn't half as bad. It has its perks. I have learnt to see things differently. Learning to accept things would be one of it. There's nothing we can do about being far away from home. I need to accept that fact and I have. There are times when I really want to just run home and forget things here. But, learning to deal with it is what I have learnt. 

There has been loads of incidences here when I needed to handle on my own. Being far from home has made me stand on my own two feet far better than when I am with my loved ones. The ability to think when I am engulfed with emotions, the way to solve certain issues, people handling etc. grew so much more within me, having to be on my own and the idea of not wanting to get my loved ones worried. Learning to be far more independent than when I was while in my teenage years is something I would be proud of.

To be honest, staying far from home isn't half as bad, depending on how I see it.

Think of it this way - the anticipation of being able to get home to them makes me want to do things even better. The excitement to know that I will be home in a number of weeks makes me plan more things to do with them, to enjoy the time with them while I'm home. I cherish every moment with them even more than I ever have in all my teenage days being always at home. There are more laughter than before. There are more joy in life than ever. Not to mention, being far better at financial management than before. 

Life is as what the usual quotes goes by:

"Every cloud has a silver lining" 

"The glass is either half empty or half full, it depends on you" 

Bid May Goodbye and Hello, June


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