Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Yay!!! Semester break started and I'm back in my hometown.  It feels soooo good to be home! The boyfriend was even more excited to know I'm coming home.

On Saturday, we had a great workout date and a midnight movie date. Man of Steel was well worth paying for. The effects were awesome. It had a different twist to what I usually have seen in cartoons or movies. The boyfie and I really enjoyed it very much.

The people who were in the cinema with us made the whole time watching the movie an ordeal. ><!!  The couples next to us talked non stop!! Then, there were those who brought their young toddlers along. Seriously, I don't understand what were in their heads dragging their small kids out late at night for a movie that hasloud sound effects. Are they out of their minds?!!

Yesterday which was a Sunday, we had a home cooked dinner. It was delicious although it was a simple meal. We both enjoy cooking.  There were so many instances when we thought maybe we should have enrolled into a culinary school rather than what we're doing now.

Cooking took quite a while and by the time dinner was prepared, our feet ached. Getting to sit was like a heavenly treat. Haha...

I must say, guys definitely look the sexiest when they are cooking. Good food and sexy guy, I  definitely feel like a princess at home. 

Our simple yet delicious meal

Friday, 14 June 2013


MIVVA has yet again managed to surprise me! They are definitely stepping up to their game.. I was already happy when I subscribed to their box for the first time in April, read here.

I was thinking of getting new colour for my hair as well as some new shades of eyeshadows. I was in the mood of experimenting with colours.

Then, MIVVA Box came - June's box is here! YAY!!

I really like this new box design ;D But, I also like the old design.. (I'm indecisive.. HAHA!)

Guess what!!! It is like MIVVA has read my mind! I opened the box to a colourfully filled box!

This box is as if specially put together just for me!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Being Far From Home

Have any of you, out there, ever stayed more than a week far from home? Be it for studies or work?

I am four hours away from home. No, MAKE THAT FIVE!, including that ride from the central bus station in my hometown, all the way right to the doorstep of my humble home.