Monday, 27 May 2013

Cooling & Cooking Sunday

Happy Sunday peeps!

It's such a lazy weekend since classes slowly comes to an end.
I would not call it a lazy weekend per say because finally I could get some relaxation.
Uni life is so hectic and I always end up lacking of sleep.
Well, despite classes coming to an end, we still have to prepare for our finals which is just two weeks away ='(

The weather here in Gambang, Pahang has been crazy these past few days - one day with super hot weather and another cold rainy days.
Today was one of those days which I truly loved - it rained but not too heavy and not too little.
I definitely feel so so relaxed thanks to the cooling weather. 

When it started to rain, my roomie was looking out the window, so did I (the busybody I am).
It was as if snow were falling, the drizzle was so fine and soft looking.
See.. It does resemble snow.. How I wish it is true!

With the cooling weather, I had a wonderful dinner with my friends who came over to our room.
Here's the thing with our dinner, we illegally cooked using rice cooker.
Staying in Gambang is like staying somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Cafeteria food here is crazy -oily, salty or/and too sweet. 

Steamed Fried Omelette
 - five eggs, a dash of white pepper and black pepper, a pinch of salt, sauteed garlic-

Please excuse the un-sightful-ness of the rice cooker, we were too excited to have hot food and we forgot to take a snap.
In the pot - tomato chillied tuna
In the round container - stir fried preserved sechuan vege

Main course done.. Now moving on to dessert.
Menu: Barley cooked with beancurd skin with egg

On nom nom.. We definitely had a good meal.

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