Friday, 24 May 2013

1, 2 , Dodgeball!

The first time I have ever heard of Dodgeball was back when a movie by that name was released ( I didn't get to watch it). Then the next I ever heard of dodgeball was about 3 years back, when my now boyfriend of five years got involved in his university's Dodgeball Club.

It is so much fun to hear him talk about the games and competition he has been to, playing dodgeball for his university. I would say, this would be his second most important, most involved thing ever after his computer games. I would stand somewhere far from first in his list of stuffs ;D

I, myself am an avid sportsperson. I enjoy every form of sports I can get myself into. When I hear how much fun he was having, I was so ever tempted to form one dodgeball club in my university. 

 Throughout his involvement in dodgeball, I managed to watch him play in two tournaments. Long distance relationship takes a lot to work with and being there when he was competing would be one of them. Seeing him play with enthusiasm, having fun with his friends, teammates, made me smile with pride. Hey, that's my boyfriend playing there. He has managed to win four medals so far and I could not have been more proud of him.

But the epitome of all these and the reason why I'm posting up an entry so soon from my last post was the news that he broke to me just last night - 23rd May 2013.

He was selected to play in an international game in New Zealand, representing Malaysia on top of representing his university!!! I was thrilled when I heard that news... To hear him speak of it, I could tell he was super excited to be playing... The excitement in his voice was so profound that I could not help but chuckle listening to him. In our 5 years together, I have never heard him speak with such excitement. I am definitely proud of him for he has worked hard in coming this far. 

Right now, we are both anticipating when he will get on the flight to the international games in New Zealand! I smell souvenirs! (evil grins)

Honestly, in some way, I do envy him. He gets to play and compete in so many competitions. He gets to go places. He is able to have loads of fun. And yes, I do tell it in his face that I envy him. He will just laugh at me. such a boyfriend.. Hmph...

 Pass the ball!!!

Aim.. Set.. Fire...

The Team - Red Legion/ Devildukes

Le boyfriend and me.. He's always so playful <3
This was taken  after they have won Champion in Help Open

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