Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My 1st Beauty Box Subscription

 The first time I have ever heard about beauty boxes would be when I was watching Michelle Phan's  YouTube video. In that video, she introduced her very own company known as Ipsy. Ipsy provides glam bags (her take on beauty box) at $10 every month. So the curious me, I decided to google it out (well, is one's best friend when we need info right?). As interested as I was on her glam bag, unfortunately they do not deliver to Malaysia just yet. I was a little disappointed at that point and let it to rest. All those happened around few months back.

     Then, last month my friend shared a link - and told me they provide beauty boxes on monthly basis at a reasonable price. Seeing how I was interested back then with the idea, I did not hesitate to click on it and have a look. I was thrilled to see that one could subscribe at a price of RM38.00 that includes the delivery price. What's more, they have Mivva Point system whereby we can earn points by providing product reviews at their website and/or by blogging about it. Having done prying around the web page, I placed my order.

     Come April 3, 2013, I finally received my first ever beauty box- Mivva Box. I was thrilled as I like to get my hands on products but always held back because I have sensitive skin and it is not worth it to purchase full sized products by uncertain of the compatibility to my skin.

     So, this is how the Mivva Box looked like:

As in the picture, there's about 6 products excluding the hair chalk, shopping list pad and the voucher.


I saw this mask at the bottom of the box. I have yet to try it as I am saving it for the weekend before I get ready for a date ;)

Product : Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask
Price     : RM 10 per piece
Description: Whitening (prevent dark pigment), reduce freckles, moisturizing and soft glowing skin. The mask is black colour, colour that comes from the bamboo charcoal extract. This bamboo charcoal powder has a proven function in cleansing and absorbing dirt.

These came in an ornament bag that reminds me of the ones you'd get when purchasing some nail polishes from The Face Shop during their sales period. I find these sample pack sized shampoo much more handy for me seeing that I always travel and do not want that extra baggage of bringing bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
      For my long hair, one packet is enough for two washes. The product is made in Korea. I find that the shampoo has this powdery flowery scent that isn't too strong and to my liking. Having washed my hair, I do feel that my hair strands are much smoother than its previous dry state.

Product : Somang Keratin Silk Protein Hair Care
Price     : Hair Shampoo - RM 49.90 for 620ml
               Hair Pack       - RM 49.90 for 500ml / RM 79.90 for 1000ml
Description: Contain keratin protein and silk protein which is the components of hair that keeps hair healthy and silky. It helps restore damaged hair due to frequent dye and styling.

These two little sample sized packaging are the SF Sunscreen (the upper packet) and the SF Cleansing Gel (the lower packet).

Product : SF Beauty Skin Perfect Glow Sunscreen
Price     : RM 125 for 30ml
It has 6 amazing features. It is an effective sunscreen that enhances skin's UV protection. It also moisturizes the skin and can be used as concealer or nude makeup.

Product : SF Beauty Skin Remover Cleansing Gel
Price     : RM 100 for 150ml
It cleanses the skin effectively, wet or dry. The 2-in-1  Remover Cleansing Gel features a ground-breaking adhesive gel that removes makeup, heavy or light, cleans dirt from pores and eliminate grease in one effective wash.

This bottle of essence by Beautymate comes in a glass bottle that I personally like. It pumps just enough to cover the entire face right to the neck. Upon application, it leaves my skin feeling firm and supple. The essence absors almost immediately into the skin and do not cause the skin feeling oily. The essence has a mild fragrance and it lingers for a while. I noticed that my blemishes reduced just after 3 days of application.

Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Essence

Price: RM 69.90 for 30ml

It contains Gentiana Lutea Root Extract and Black Pearl Extract. It effectively brightens and hydartes the skin as well as minimizes melanin and spots, relieves dull skin tone and prevent new formation of melanin for thorough whitening results.

 This bottle of solution leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy. The delicate rose fragrance is relaxing.

Product : O'slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III
Price     : RM 59.90 for 100ml

This solution contains 7 benefits - moisturizing, whitening, UV-oxi protection, pore-refining & blackhead reducing, enhance absorption ability, relaxing, multifunction.

It can be used for toning, make-up base, soothing, deep moisturizing as well as body lotion.

This is one of the item in the box that I really look forward to trying. I am sure I am not the only one with those pesky blackheads. I've been wondering if this product really works but never bought it as it is quite pricey. I wouldn't want to pay for something that might or might not work, so I end up ignoring it. Let's see if it works.

Product: B.LIV Off with Those Heads
Price    : RM 139.00 for 30ml /
              RM 179.90 for 40ml

The gel softens the clogs blocking the pores, allowing effortless extraction and removal of all sores. The essence ingredients keeps oil secretion under control.

Other than beauty products, Mivva also throw some extra items like the shopping list pad, voucher and the hair chalk.


  1. Nice review Serah :) My first beauty box subscription was also Mivva and it just gets better and better every month! I would love to follow your blog, can you have the follow button available? Thanks :)

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