Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Trip To The SPCA

This noon, me and boyfie went to the SPCA shelter in Ampang today. It was a long journey there seeoccasion)assive jam, nothing unusual for Kuala Lumpur area. Well, we went there to adopt a puppy. The entire family was excited. I was even more excited as I'm a sucker for animals. I have to of my own which I adopted too.

     When we were there, it was heartbreaking to see the number of dogs especially adults there. They have that look that were filled with hopes of getting a good loving family to spend the rest oftheir canine lives with. The moment you see them wwagging their tails so hard, you would melt instantaneously. They were so happy at the sight of the human race. Some were barking and yelping for your attention along with their wishful eyes. How could anyone be so cruel to abandon these loving creatures?! This is one question that will never ever be answered finitely.

    There was also this 5-6 months old basset hound mix that was just rescued today prior our visit. It had the most saddest eyes ever. It was so frightened of humans. The shocking part of his story was that he had a collar on him and was as clean as a house dog. The volunteer there told us that he was rescued minutes after being dumped by his ex-owner.

    The puppies there caught all our attentions.  We did not bother finding out their breed as seeing there puppy antics simply melted our hearts away. There were those that looked like Jack Russell Terrier mix and there were those that looked like Labrador. I would adopt all if I could.

  Finally, we settled for a sweet girl which looked like a German Shepherd mix.

She is the cutest thing ever. She is also extremely smart. At the rate she is warming up to the family, she amazes me. 

Adopting her, she gained a chance of living a better life than being in a shelter. The rest there, they are as if waiting on death sentence should they are not adopted. I pray that all the others especially the adult dogs would get a chance to live in a loving home and die at old age instead of getting euthaiteuthanized.

Please people! !! It is with my most sincere love for these poor souls at the shelter, STOP BUYING PUPPIES... ADOPT THEM! SAVE LIVES! 

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