Tuesday, 31 December 2013

From Youth to Youths: YouthsToday.com



KUALA LUMPUR, 10 SEPTEMBER 2013 - YToday Sdn Bhd is launching Malaysia’s first online youth engagement and rewarding website – YouthsToday.com – for event organizers, youths and brands at www.youthstoday.com on the KFC Youth Jam 2013 event by 13th October 2013 (10 a.m – 6 p.m) at Sunway University.

The objective of launching the website on the KFC Youth Jam 2013 is for the public to explore the functionality of www.youthstoday.com and an invitation to create a difference for the young community. This new website with more than 10,000 youth members currently, serves as a platform for event organizers, youths and brands to feature their campaigns and events to gain high exposure and visibility It is also invented in a way for brands to carry out the marketing campaigns and advertise their products and services targeting the youth market. On the other hand, participants will be rewarded for attending the events organized by the organizers with the points. Upon collections of points, the participants get to exchange rewards from the brands, thus, the point system serves as a motivation for especially the young people to achieve more and better.

The KFC Youth Jam 2013 will feature events organized by the youth using the platform provided on YouthsToday.com, the events are KFC Big Eat Contest, Incitement Talks, Running Man Hunt, Entrepreneur Challenge, Book for Thoughts, Talent Search and Speed Video Competition. Thousands of points sponsored by the brands will be given out to the public to redeem.

“It is an entire ecosystem that supports the development of young people to be able to organize more events and have their projects funded and supported. The company believes that events are the best youth development tool for youths to enhance their creativity, networking skills, communication skills and management skills. It bridges the gap and provides more opportunity for youths to gain excess to national events and experiences like never before. The company also urges and welcomes event organizers to feature their events in YouthsToday.com,” says the 23-year-old young entrepreneur Jazz Tan Yee Mei, CEO of YToday Sdn Bhd.

YToday Sdn Bhd is forging strong partnerships with heavyweight brands such as KFC, Maxis Telecommunication, Sunway Group, Groupon, Bloomberg, Himalaya, Chatime Malaysia, Entrepreneur Organization (Malaysia Chapter), Redbox Malaysia, SCOPE, KKBOX, British Council, FlyFM, 8TV and Media Prima Group to support this mega event. 

About YToday Sdn Bhd

Beauty Bag from Le BFF

Hohoho.... Merry Christmas!!! 
I know it's already 30th of December(I started writing this), but hey! Christmas isn't over till we celebrate New Year!

After spending two Christmas-es in campus, away from home, I finally get to spend it at home for once! I have le BF to thank for this because he was in Mentakab for work purposes and he drove up all the way to Gambang, which is 136km apart to pick me up ( This is like halfway to KL's distance!).

It's a bliss to spend my Christmas with the family! Mommy was more than happy to have me home. In her words, she have someone to argue with (Yes! My mom loves to argue with me... I don't know why. We always have a good laugh at the end).

Other than family, it's always good to be back to see my dearest BFF, Yvone . We always have a good time together whenever I'm back. Sometimes we might just meet for a day of my total visit back home but it was full of love and laughter. 

This time around, she gotten me a surprise gift bag! I call it 'Von's Beauty Bag', especially curated for me! I must say, she's like a mind reader because every time she gets me something, it will be something that I want or really need. All more to proof how attentive she is whenever I rant or start going on and on or raving about anything! Yvone, dearest, I know you'll read this, YOU'RE THE BEST!

Now that I've done sharing and rambling about my joyful Christmas, let's see what is in 'Von's Beauty Bag'...

Friday, 13 December 2013

Better Not Gift If It's Gonna Be Cheap???

I may be jovial and crazy most of the time but there are times when I'm at my weakest. I am human after all.

Here I am, trying to fall asleep since it's already 2 in the morning.  But, I just can't.  :'( 

My mind is troubled with something a friend said. In his defence, I did ask for his opinion and he gave one.

What happened? 

Well, just say that somehow I got lucky and I was given Zalora voucher worth RM50 to spend with no minimum purchase. My best friend suggested that I get something for the boyfriend. I did think of my mom and bro and myself before asking her for her opinion. 

Then, I remembered the bf needs a watch since his old one broke. I found two which I find simple and nice, costing less than RM100. I decided to ask a guy's opinion on which looked better. This guy friend is a mutual friend of me and the bf. So, you get where I'm going with this, right?

First, he said the first option was better. When he mentioned, "but he's already working", I couldn't see where he's going with it and I asked. He said that the bf have used more expensive watch than the one I intended to get and given that the bf is a working guy (just started his first real job), a watch costing less than RM100 won't do. 

My heart sank deeper than any ocean. I did tell him to ignore the pricing before showing the links. 

Honestly, I don't earn my own money just yet. Whatever I had when I did part time jobs prior entering uni, I used it for my own expenses as I study under PTPTN loan, which isn't much per semester. 

The guy friend told that I might as well get something of the bf's interest like gaming stuffs (which is way beyond what I can afford). 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Help The Typhoon Victims in Philippines with Natta Cosme

I'm sure by now everyone would have heard of the typhoon that hit the Philippines on 8th November 2013. It was reported to be the strongest typhoon ever with a maximum speed of 315km/h. Can you imagine how fast and strong is that?! Many were left with next to nothing and many have lost their lives. The tragedy left families and hearts broken, grieving their lost. Victims have to live with the tragic memories. 

The Butterfly Project Malaysia brought to light about the efforts by Natta Cosme in their latest post on their Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia

In the spirit of giving and to aid these victims, Natta Cosme is having a special Charity drive.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Santa Hermo, Grant My Little Wishlist.. Please..

You better watch out, 
you better not cry,
you better not pout,
I'm telling you why,
Santa Hermo is coming to town.... 

Ho ho ho...

It's almost December and it's Christmas season every corner we look at!

Sadly, I won't be home for Christmas for the third year this year... =(

Not being home meaning I won't be getting any Christmas presents unless someone out there would like to send a present to me =D

I'm sure someone out there is feeling the same way I do about not being home with the family and friends for Christmas... The food.. The joy and laughter... OMG!

But fret not (while saying to myself as well)
HERMO is playing Santa Hermo this year!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics Review

Hey there! How has the weekend started off for you so far? I'm just glad the weekend is here!!

I received HiShop's parcel last week and I'm so excited when I took it that I had to open it while in class.

Let's see what is in it. ;)

I have not heard of this brand before so, I must say I am uber excited to try this brand: CAROL PRIEST

Innovation That Matters To You by Philips Malaysia

Everyday we read of news about people falling ill, obesity rate in Malaysia that is ever increasing etc. More and more people are not putting enough emphasis on their own health. We even have news about shootings, kidnapping, snatching, robbing etc. The world seems to be a dangerous place to live in now. 

How often do you come across a contest by well-known corporation that aims to bring about difference in our daily lives?

This year, Philips brings to you Innovation That Matters To You which aims at getting the community to join in and pitch in your ideas in bringing better community. All you need to do is submit your innovative ideas in either/both categories: Healthier Homes or Safer City, as long as your idea is realistic, sustainable and benefits many others. 

Here's a video that shares with you the meaning of this campaign:

"At Philips we believe people should be healthy, live well and enjoy life. We are a technology company that cares about people. We listen, discover and challenge to deliver meaningful innovation. This project underlines our commitment to deliver innovations that matter, innovations that improve the quality of people’s lives in Asia Pacific. We aim to help build sustainable and livable living and working environments, promote healthy eating habits, active aging and personal- and childcare and establishing affordable and accessible health care systems and effective ways to dealing with chronic diseases. We want to work together, partner with individuals, communities and other stakeholders to combine insights with expertise, technology with funding, to deliver meaningful innovation that make a real difference in helping people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives."

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Look Into My Win: Wonderbox October Issue!

How time flies and it's already mid November. Every corners we turn to we see Christmas decorations ever so shinning and glittering. We're lucky to be in Malaysia, where all of us enjoy and take part in every festivities we have!

Let's get back to the topic, shall we?

Honestly speaking, I never had any luck in winning any lucky draws in my life as a teenager. Any day up, I would just give it a shot for the heck of it thinking I have nothing to lose anyhow. When I came across a blog by Koey Leow, she was having her ♥ Wonderbox October Edition Giveaway!! and I obviously gave it shot. The reason I gave it shot was because I saw what was in the box.

Diligently doing the necessary requirements she have posted up, then the big day came when she ended her giveaway. I was busy so I hadn't scroll through her blog to follow up but I was constantly hoping my phone will ring with an email saying I won. Then, I got the news - I WON! 


I shall share with you my win.

She even included a handwritten note =)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Helping Those with Cancer to Fight Cancer!

Cancer isn't something that is new to any of us. We have always heard news about cancer since forever. We may or may not know who among those around us are suffering from cancer.

Some of the common questions people would ask (I compiled this based on my own understanding from my readings):
Q: What is cancer?
A: Cancer is a form of uncontrollable cell growth that invades the body..

Q: What causes cancer?
A: There are a number of factors that can cause cancer. Examples are such as smoking, dietary, genetics, 
     radiation etc.

Q: Can cancer be treated?
A: Depending on the type of cancer, there are specific treatments for it. There are many individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer survived the battle through early diagnosis and proper treatments along with the needed support from family and friends.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bag of Love's Halloween Beauty Bag (Oct)!

As the sun sets and out comes the dark sky...
The ghouls and spirits come out to play...

Go around and screaming, "Boohohohoho..."

When the calendar shows '31st of October', have yourselves a spook-tacular Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, Bag Of Love and The Butterfly Project Malaysia came together to have a little surprise for the caterpillars of The Butterfly Project!

25 Bloggers were randomly selected and I am soooo happy to be one of them to be given the opportunity to review this bag that I have always heard about.

You may have heard of beauty boxes or Ipsy Bag (to those who are fan of Michelle Phan). Bag Of Love is a Malaysia based 'beauty box' that provides the subscribers a bag / 'box' filled with wonderful products in deluxe sample-size and every month, there's a different themed bag with different products with every bag. The beauty bags will be delivered to your doorsteps upon subscription.

That's not all the goodie part of Bag Of  Love! Mimi, founder of Bag Of Love said, 
"For a monthly subscription fee of just RM39.90, you don't only get a beautiful bag filled to the brim with beauty products, but you get to be part of a charity drive as RM1 from each bag sold will go to our Bag of Love fund. At the end of every month, we will decide where to donate the fund to together with our subscribers. :)"
Seee... You get to try and experience products as well as help with charity!

Here's my take on Bag Of Love Halloween Special!

It's here! I was in campus still, all the way in Pahang when I got the email from  Tammy that I'm one of the chosen Caterpillars from The Butterfly Project to review Bag of Love's October Special. I had to call home the very next day to ask my mommy dearest if the bag arrived safely. When I got home, the first thing I did was to unwrap!!

Jeng jeng jeng.... Here comes Bag of Love Lice! Be afraid to look further!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

My Lil' Pressie!

Olala! It's the weekend already! 
Finally, weekend is here and I can have some time to relax and catch up on pampering myself.
Weekend means I get to use the items in a little present I got just recently.

Last week, I received an email saying that I won a giveaway by a blogger named Rachel. Honestly, I thought it was a long shot when I joined the giveaway. But hey, luck was on my side, given that I already had a streak of bad luck two weeks back.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bad Customer Service Experience

In the customer service field, it is very important to ensure that every customers leaves the place happy and satisfied. But, honestly I often find this experience lacking in where I'm studying.Today itself, I have had three bad customer service experience.

Experience #1
This morning, I went to the hostel office to retrieve a parcel along with my friend. We both had a parcel to retrieve each. The process of retrieving required us to provide our student card, so we both gave ours at the same. We assumed that the staff would appreciate the fact that she can save from having to make another trip to the back of the office to retrieve our parcels. 

Instead of doing what we thought she would, this was what we got:
Us: Here's our student card *with smiles*
Staff 1 : One at a time *with no expression*
Staff 2 : One at a time. We only have one pair of eyes each, we don't have eyes all around our heads. We can't look everywhere for both your parcels. *with an irritated face and a dissatisfied voice*

Staff 1 took my friend's card and went behind while Staff 2 sat at the counter playing with her phone.
Staff 1 came back and left the parcel on the table and proceeded to retrieve mine after taking my card.

We were bewildered by the way they reason of retrieving parcels one by one. How hard is it to take both the cards, search for one, then search for the other and bring both to the front at one go? Wouldn't that save the number of times one has to go to the back?

Friday, 18 October 2013

Port Dickson - A Quick Getaway

It's been a long time since I've been for a getaway and it couldn't have came any sooner, all thanks to le Boyfriend.  

So hear's a super quick post with pics just to show how clean Port Dickson has become.

I have heard of Port Dickson for being a place where you might not want to swim in or walk at. Technically, I wasn't expecting much. 

But, I was wrong. I was welcomed by the beautiful view of the jetty by the side of a stall that we stopped by for a drink. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My NIVEA obsession!

Is it just me or is the weather hot as an oven? I feel like I am melting away even when I'm in the indoors..

Yesterday was definitely the busiest Monday (on top of the usual Monday blues we all get) I've ever had in this semester - three meetings back-to-back! 

So, it's time for me to unwind before hitting my assignments again. 

When I opened my closet yesterday, I realized I have purchased a number of NIVEA products. In the past, I only had one product from NIVEA but now, I have four of them! I think it's a lot comparatively.. 

Monday, 30 September 2013

THE FACE SHOP - Black Sugar Scrub

The Face Shop is having their 10th Anniversary Sales!
I cannot refrain myself from visiting their outlets whenever I hear of sales.
I started off with their nail polish and moved on to skin care.

Last Thursday, I needed to get myself a new tube/tub of facial scrub since my St. Ives' tube is practically finishing. So, I happily walked into The Face Shop, Kuantan outlet. I really like the new outlook of the place- so fresh and clean. I did go back to campus a happy girl. =D

THE FACE SHOP Black Sugar Scrub
'A peeling scrub that contains honey black sugar which gives the skin warmth and removes dead skin cells effectively'
THE FACE SHOP - Black Sugar Face  Scrub

Retail Price: RM39.90

Volume     : 120ml

Directions of use:
Apply adequate amount onto the face and massage for 1-2minutes, wash off with warm water, once or twice a week.

When I sampled this, the sugar granules were very fine, unlike what I've used before which had large beads. The scrub has a caramel-like colour, texture and scent. Well, caramel is one of the ingredients in it along with 120mg of honey and papaya extract.

Honestly, the smell of it really tempts you to give it a taste but please, refrain yourself from doing it at all cost!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Back To School Essentials

What's up, people?!

It's my 3rd week in my semester and boy, does time flies.
So I said I'd post about my Back To School Essentials, so here it is. =D

I used to go to classes with just clothes on my back and a nude face (as in without applying anything) with only lip balm. But, I took it to myself this semester to begin prepping myself and be far more presentable before heading to class.

Some of these essentials are always in my bag, you know when you need to touch up a little. I usually have my lip balm, hair tie and Alcon Tears Naturale II. At times, you'd fine the REVLON balm stain and KISS ME eyeliner in my bag too.

My everyday routine before heading to class would revolve around these essentials.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New Semester!

It has been like 3 months since I last posted anything. I've been busy running around teen since my break started. And in a blink of an eye, I'm back in campus.

This semester will be a somewhat not-so-hectic one since I'm almost done with all my subjects. But, we'll never what might come our way in time to come. =D

Back to a new semester, I decided that I would take up some beauty regime which I should have started some time ago. Oh well, better late than never.

I will share my daily essentials for my Back To Campus experience in the next post!

Till then, stay tuned!


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Man's Best Friend!

Ever since I was small, I have always wanted a puppy. The sight of it wagging its tail was one joyful sight for a child. 

I have a dog named King which is entirely black and under some light, his coat shines so beautifully. I got him from a neighbour who had 14 puppies back then. He was one stubborn puppy. As he grew older, he became more and more obedient.

He's old now with whitish muzzle. In human years, he's 13 years old while in dog years, he's 91 (assuming 1 human year = 7 dog years).

He used to be so energetic, always running around and tries to drag me whenever he sees something while on our usual strolls. Now that he's aging, I could see that he doesn't move around as fast as he used to. Every time I would find him sleeping by the door. He doesn't even play so much with my Min Pin anymore.

I like to call him to be by my side when I watch tv and stroke his fur. I often find myself worrying about the day he had to leave the family. He's been with us for so long. The thought of not having King around is not a pleasant one.

I could never get an awesome shot of King, he's always turning away from the camera.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cheating in A Relationship

Do you know anyone who had cheated his/her partner or got cheated by his/her partner? By partner, I meant girlfriend/boyfriend.

Of late, I came across numerous confession posts (Yes, I am guilty of reading those confession pages like Taylor's Confession Page, UCSI Confession Page etc...) that talked about people cheating on their partners.

There was one that captured my attention :

What fathoms my attention was that how could a girl who is showered with trips, luxurious items etc by the boyfriend, could still cheat on him?!

From what was written, she looks at how much the guy could spend on and for her. But, even with a boyfriend that could spend all his money on her, she still cheated on him. This is by far the best mind-boggling thing I have ever came across.

I am bewildered at what would the best reason(s) as to why one would want/could cheat on his/her partner. Even if one was to treat you badly, it still doesn't warrant you to cheat on him. If people blames it on bad relationship as to being the reason they cheated on their partner, what reason could it be for those with a good relationship?

In such situation, who would be the party to be explaining themselves? The guy? The girl? The person she cheated with?

I found myself wondering, what would happen if the partner were to find out that she is cheating on him. Would he forgive her and still be with her? Or would he end things with her?

Would you cheat on your partner?

If your partner cheated on you, what would you do?

What and how far would you do to help your friend who is cheating or the one who got cheated on?

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Three Weekends' Worth of Post in ONE!

It's been 3 weeks since I'm back and boy, do I love being home! I know I've not been posting regularly. I've been busy catching up with family and friends. I missed them so much! Let's see what I have been up to for the whole time, shall we?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Yay!!! Semester break started and I'm back in my hometown.  It feels soooo good to be home! The boyfriend was even more excited to know I'm coming home.

On Saturday, we had a great workout date and a midnight movie date. Man of Steel was well worth paying for. The effects were awesome. It had a different twist to what I usually have seen in cartoons or movies. The boyfie and I really enjoyed it very much.

The people who were in the cinema with us made the whole time watching the movie an ordeal. ><!!  The couples next to us talked non stop!! Then, there were those who brought their young toddlers along. Seriously, I don't understand what were in their heads dragging their small kids out late at night for a movie that hasloud sound effects. Are they out of their minds?!!

Yesterday which was a Sunday, we had a home cooked dinner. It was delicious although it was a simple meal. We both enjoy cooking.  There were so many instances when we thought maybe we should have enrolled into a culinary school rather than what we're doing now.

Cooking took quite a while and by the time dinner was prepared, our feet ached. Getting to sit was like a heavenly treat. Haha...

I must say, guys definitely look the sexiest when they are cooking. Good food and sexy guy, I  definitely feel like a princess at home. 

Our simple yet delicious meal

Friday, 14 June 2013


MIVVA has yet again managed to surprise me! They are definitely stepping up to their game.. I was already happy when I subscribed to their box for the first time in April, read here.

I was thinking of getting new colour for my hair as well as some new shades of eyeshadows. I was in the mood of experimenting with colours.

Then, MIVVA Box came - June's box is here! YAY!!

I really like this new box design ;D But, I also like the old design.. (I'm indecisive.. HAHA!)

Guess what!!! It is like MIVVA has read my mind! I opened the box to a colourfully filled box!

This box is as if specially put together just for me!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Being Far From Home

Have any of you, out there, ever stayed more than a week far from home? Be it for studies or work?

I am four hours away from home. No, MAKE THAT FIVE!, including that ride from the central bus station in my hometown, all the way right to the doorstep of my humble home. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!



When the clock strikes 12, on 29th May, a very dear friend of mine is gonna hop into the bandwagon of my age group.. I am not going to mention how 'young' we are because age is every girl's deepest darkest secret ;)

Monday, 27 May 2013

Cooling & Cooking Sunday

Happy Sunday peeps!

It's such a lazy weekend since classes slowly comes to an end.
I would not call it a lazy weekend per say because finally I could get some relaxation.
Uni life is so hectic and I always end up lacking of sleep.
Well, despite classes coming to an end, we still have to prepare for our finals which is just two weeks away ='(

Friday, 24 May 2013

1, 2 , Dodgeball!

The first time I have ever heard of Dodgeball was back when a movie by that name was released ( I didn't get to watch it). Then the next I ever heard of dodgeball was about 3 years back, when my now boyfriend of five years got involved in his university's Dodgeball Club.

It is so much fun to hear him talk about the games and competition he has been to, playing dodgeball for his university. I would say, this would be his second most important, most involved thing ever after his computer games. I would stand somewhere far from first in his list of stuffs ;D

I, myself am an avid sportsperson. I enjoy every form of sports I can get myself into. When I hear how much fun he was having, I was so ever tempted to form one dodgeball club in my university. 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Body Shop Nationwide Sale!

Happy Thursday folks! 

Finally, the weekend is nearing and I definitely can't wait for Friday to show up! 

Here's what I found while browsing through my Facebook recently

The moment I saw this, I couldn't help but to get to their website to see what they have for sale.

One year back, I bought their basic (cleanser, moisturizer - day & night cream) facial range - The Vitamin E range. I, personally liked the cleanser as it does not strip your skin of its moisture after a wash. You won't feel the tight, tensed feeling unlike with some other products. But, I didn't really like the moisturizers though. They made my skin all oily. By the time I got up from my sleep, I swear I can make tracing paper out of tissue and my face.. 

Anyway, that was that.. Back to the sale!

I dropped by their outlet in Kuantan last week Sunday, 19.05.2013 and saw the ladies going about in frenzy trying out products, asking for information, their staffs telling about the discounts with extra 10% for The Body Shop members.

I, of course jumped into the bandwagon of frenzying ladies and started to shopping.. An hour later, I came out with three items. 

Item No.1: The Moroccan Rose Eau De Toilette
"Offering a modern twist on a traditional rose fragrance, perfectly capturing the beauty and romance of Valentine‘s Day. Featuring essence of Moroccan rose oil, this is an exquisite fresh fragrance that simply exudes femininity." - The Body Shop (http://www.thebodyshop.com.my/sale/70-off-top-picks/moroccan-rose-eau-de-toilette)

  • 50ml bottle
  • Normal price: RM79.00
  • Discounted Price: RM39.50 ( a 50% discount)
  • Verdict: The scent of two spritz at the neck would be enough to last the entire day. The scent of the    flower is not overpowering if you're into floral scents.

Item No. 2: Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel
"Instant uplift for tired eyes, in a lovely gel which cools, soothes and lightly moisturises the delicate eye area. With elderflower extract and witch hazel. Top with our soothing, cooling mask for maximum impact." - The Body Shop (http://www.thebodyshop.com.my/skin-care/eyes/elderflower-unperfumed-eye-gel)

  • 15ml bottle
  • Normal Price: RM35.00
  • Discounted Price: RM 24.50 ( a 30% discount)
  • Verdict: It is a cooling form of eye gel. Once applied, you'd feel like your eyebags have been lifted. 

Item No. 3: Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist
"Spray's some of this quick-drying soothing mist onto your pillow or sheets before bedtime and the special encapsulation technology will ensure bursts of active fragrance will be released throughout the night, as the body moves, to aid more satisfying sleep. Special relaxing ingredients of jujube date and Community Trade camomile combine to balance and soothe and promote tranquil sleep." -The Body Shop (http://www.thebodyshop.com.my/wellbeing/quiet-night/quiet-night-dreamy-pillow-body-mist)

  • 60ml bottle
  • Normal Price: RM 39.90
  • Discounted Price: RM 19.95 ( a 50% discount - it was only for that weekend when I got it. Usual discount is a 30%discount)
  • Verdict: It has this tangy scent, which I wonder how is it tangy scent can help one to sleep better. As far as I have known, we usually find that a tangy scent is supposed to awaken you. I tried it and I did sleep better. I have been having trouble sleeping for the past one week and it's taking a toll on my productivity.

 So far, I am pleased with my haul. I would have purchased more items if I weren't in a tight budget. Can't blame the girls for loving beauty items with the added discounts! Sadly, I missed out on the added 10% discount as my membership expired. =(

So, ladies... Get going and shop for your favourite items from The Body Shop while the sales is still happening. 

Remember, those with The Body Shop membership, you get an extra of 10% discount on top of the sales discounts!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Quick Post

It's been a while since I blogged. Been super busy with stuffs... 
those sleepless nights... 
I will posting real soon about some beauty stuffs I got for a bargain.  
So keep looking for the next few days.

For now, I'm going to hit the sack...

Good night lovelies... sleep tight

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Trip To The SPCA

This noon, me and boyfie went to the SPCA shelter in Ampang today. It was a long journey there seeoccasion)assive jam, nothing unusual for Kuala Lumpur area. Well, we went there to adopt a puppy. The entire family was excited. I was even more excited as I'm a sucker for animals. I have to of my own which I adopted too.

     When we were there, it was heartbreaking to see the number of dogs especially adults there. They have that look that were filled with hopes of getting a good loving family to spend the rest oftheir canine lives with. The moment you see them wwagging their tails so hard, you would melt instantaneously. They were so happy at the sight of the human race. Some were barking and yelping for your attention along with their wishful eyes. How could anyone be so cruel to abandon these loving creatures?! This is one question that will never ever be answered finitely.

    There was also this 5-6 months old basset hound mix that was just rescued today prior our visit. It had the most saddest eyes ever. It was so frightened of humans. The shocking part of his story was that he had a collar on him and was as clean as a house dog. The volunteer there told us that he was rescued minutes after being dumped by his ex-owner.

    The puppies there caught all our attentions.  We did not bother finding out their breed as seeing there puppy antics simply melted our hearts away. There were those that looked like Jack Russell Terrier mix and there were those that looked like Labrador. I would adopt all if I could.

  Finally, we settled for a sweet girl which looked like a German Shepherd mix.

She is the cutest thing ever. She is also extremely smart. At the rate she is warming up to the family, she amazes me. 

Adopting her, she gained a chance of living a better life than being in a shelter. The rest there, they are as if waiting on death sentence should they are not adopted. I pray that all the others especially the adult dogs would get a chance to live in a loving home and die at old age instead of getting euthaiteuthanized.

Please people! !! It is with my most sincere love for these poor souls at the shelter, STOP BUYING PUPPIES... ADOPT THEM! SAVE LIVES! 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Beauty Haul From Daiso

So I had a shopping trip with le mom and came across Daiso. If any of you have not heard of Daiso, it is a Japanese store which has various of homeware and items. Best of all, the items are sold at only RM5.00 each. Anyhow, back to the story, I went to walk around Daiso (something I like to do when window shopping).

     While in Daiso, I remembered reading online about the charcoal peel off mask and decided to look for it. It was in a different packaging than the one I saw. But I bought it anyway just to give it a shot. Besides, it only cost me RM5.00 which is beyond cheap. The Charcoal Face Pack is supposedly to be able help unclog pores and absorb excess oil from the skin. However, since it is a peel off form, it is not advisable to use more than twice a week or might risk getting irritated skin.

 I gave it shot, trying only on my nose area since I would want to remove those pesky heads. Let me account my adventure with this charcoal mask:

  • I cleansed my face as per usual
  • Wipe dried my face (I figured since this mask is going to be liquid/gooey, we won't need extra moisture on the skin)
  • Applied a generous amount on my nose area
  • Let it to dry for about 15 minutes (depending on how thick the application is)
  • Peel off from top to bottom
  • Rinse clean and applied toner
My verdict:
It does pull out some of those pesky blackheads and whiteheads but wasn't as much as I expected. Watson's Nose Strip does a far more better job at it. But overall, removal was not that painful(if you've tried Watson's Nose Strip, you'd know how painful it can be) and it has a pleasant scent. For a person with sensitive skin, my skin did not feel any form of irritation. I'd say I would be a loyal user for now.

Maybe I could do a comparison the next time around. What do you think?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My 1st Beauty Box Subscription

 The first time I have ever heard about beauty boxes would be when I was watching Michelle Phan's  YouTube video. In that video, she introduced her very own company known as Ipsy. Ipsy provides glam bags (her take on beauty box) at $10 every month. So the curious me, I decided to google it out (well, google.com is one's best friend when we need info right?). As interested as I was on her glam bag, unfortunately they do not deliver to Malaysia just yet. I was a little disappointed at that point and let it to rest. All those happened around few months back.

     Then, last month my friend shared a link - Mivva.com and told me they provide beauty boxes on monthly basis at a reasonable price. Seeing how I was interested back then with the idea, I did not hesitate to click on it and have a look. I was thrilled to see that one could subscribe at a price of RM38.00 that includes the delivery price. What's more, they have Mivva Point system whereby we can earn points by providing product reviews at their website and/or by blogging about it. Having done prying around the web page, I placed my order.

     Come April 3, 2013, I finally received my first ever beauty box- Mivva Box. I was thrilled as I like to get my hands on products but always held back because I have sensitive skin and it is not worth it to purchase full sized products by uncertain of the compatibility to my skin.

     So, this is how the Mivva Box looked like:

As in the picture, there's about 6 products excluding the hair chalk, shopping list pad and the voucher.


I saw this mask at the bottom of the box. I have yet to try it as I am saving it for the weekend before I get ready for a date ;)

Product : Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask
Price     : RM 10 per piece
Description: Whitening (prevent dark pigment), reduce freckles, moisturizing and soft glowing skin. The mask is black colour, colour that comes from the bamboo charcoal extract. This bamboo charcoal powder has a proven function in cleansing and absorbing dirt.

These came in an ornament bag that reminds me of the ones you'd get when purchasing some nail polishes from The Face Shop during their sales period. I find these sample pack sized shampoo much more handy for me seeing that I always travel and do not want that extra baggage of bringing bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
      For my long hair, one packet is enough for two washes. The product is made in Korea. I find that the shampoo has this powdery flowery scent that isn't too strong and to my liking. Having washed my hair, I do feel that my hair strands are much smoother than its previous dry state.

Product : Somang Keratin Silk Protein Hair Care
Price     : Hair Shampoo - RM 49.90 for 620ml
               Hair Pack       - RM 49.90 for 500ml / RM 79.90 for 1000ml
Description: Contain keratin protein and silk protein which is the components of hair that keeps hair healthy and silky. It helps restore damaged hair due to frequent dye and styling.

These two little sample sized packaging are the SF Sunscreen (the upper packet) and the SF Cleansing Gel (the lower packet).

Product : SF Beauty Skin Perfect Glow Sunscreen
Price     : RM 125 for 30ml
It has 6 amazing features. It is an effective sunscreen that enhances skin's UV protection. It also moisturizes the skin and can be used as concealer or nude makeup.

Product : SF Beauty Skin Remover Cleansing Gel
Price     : RM 100 for 150ml
It cleanses the skin effectively, wet or dry. The 2-in-1  Remover Cleansing Gel features a ground-breaking adhesive gel that removes makeup, heavy or light, cleans dirt from pores and eliminate grease in one effective wash.

This bottle of essence by Beautymate comes in a glass bottle that I personally like. It pumps just enough to cover the entire face right to the neck. Upon application, it leaves my skin feeling firm and supple. The essence absors almost immediately into the skin and do not cause the skin feeling oily. The essence has a mild fragrance and it lingers for a while. I noticed that my blemishes reduced just after 3 days of application.

Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Essence

Price: RM 69.90 for 30ml

It contains Gentiana Lutea Root Extract and Black Pearl Extract. It effectively brightens and hydartes the skin as well as minimizes melanin and spots, relieves dull skin tone and prevent new formation of melanin for thorough whitening results.

 This bottle of solution leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy. The delicate rose fragrance is relaxing.

Product : O'slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III
Price     : RM 59.90 for 100ml

This solution contains 7 benefits - moisturizing, whitening, UV-oxi protection, pore-refining & blackhead reducing, enhance absorption ability, relaxing, multifunction.

It can be used for toning, make-up base, soothing, deep moisturizing as well as body lotion.

This is one of the item in the box that I really look forward to trying. I am sure I am not the only one with those pesky blackheads. I've been wondering if this product really works but never bought it as it is quite pricey. I wouldn't want to pay for something that might or might not work, so I end up ignoring it. Let's see if it works.

Product: B.LIV Off with Those Heads
Price    : RM 139.00 for 30ml /
              RM 179.90 for 40ml

The gel softens the clogs blocking the pores, allowing effortless extraction and removal of all sores. The essence ingredients keeps oil secretion under control.

Other than beauty products, Mivva also throw some extra items like the shopping list pad, voucher and the hair chalk.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Un Poco de Mi ( A Little Bit About Me )

     Well, for starters, my name is Serah. As of now, I am pursuing a degree in a local government university. I am an easygoing person who loves the great outdoors and enjoy getting myself all sweaty and dirty. I also happen to enjoy food and cooking food. I always experiment with my food whenever I get the chance to. Cooking for me is a form of relaxation and bonding session with those I love. When people enjoy the food I make, I find it therapeutically enjoyable.

     Like any other girls, I like to get all pretty and prepped. However, I am the thrifty kind of person, so things that I do get my hands on are usually between RM0 - RM50. I have recently gotten myself to try out nail art and different fashion style. As a girl who is more towards the plus size, fashion for me is a challenge in addition to my reserved nature when it comes to fashion.

     I always get excited when I am able to get my hands on items that are affordable and works wonders. I have sensitive skin which means not all kinds of products may agree to my skin type. In the past, I have purchase few products that I never continue using, either because of the price or the suitability.

   With all the rambling, this blog of mine is more like an online diary of sort. I also hope that people who read this may find it helpful and perhaps there those out there who are similar like to me.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Vivir Y Amar La Vida - What It Means?

     The name is Serah and no, I did not type my own name wrongly. 

     I have been thinking about creating a blog for quite some time now. It took me long enough to actually do it, for real! I am new in blogging and have never tried posting any form of written work for the eyes of the public.

     'Vivi Y Amar La Vida' simply means 'Live and Love Life' in Spanish. The way I see it, regardless of how dreadful we may think I life is/could be, we need to learn to live and love the life that we have. There are so many cliche sounding proverbs, sayings etc about life that no matter what, are true and logical in many aspects. So, with such a title, it serves as a reminder to myself that I should live and love life, and I believe You should too.

     Vivir Y Amar La Vida every lovelies out there!